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Buzz Sells New Film for the Graying Set

Hoping to generate buzz and box-office dollars, SenArt has been working
for the last few months to get its target audience talking about the
film before it opens. The producers struck marketing partnerships with Princess Cruises, the
American Automobile Association and the Red Hat Society, an
international social organization for women “approaching 50 and
beyond.” Santa Clarita, Calif.-based Princess Cruises has for the past
two weeks been screening the 93-minute movie on 16 of its ships. Not
only has the movie run in 800-seat auditoriums aboard some, but the
trailer has also been running on cabin televisions.


Buzz Sells New Film for the Graying Set –
In the movie business, word-of-mouth marketing is usually reserved for hipster or art-house films like “Juno” — they are screened for key audiences in hopes of generating positive buzz. Now, the tactic is being deployed for an older audience, in hopes of turning them out for a new film called “Bonneville” aimed at women.

The $4 million chick flick is a road-trip movie for the graying set with a prominent cast including Oscar winners Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange and past nominee Joan Allen. In part because it is aimed at a demographic that is no longer a strong part of the theatrical movie audience, it failed to attract theatrical distribution from a major studio, and was instead headed for a DVD release.


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