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The Consumer Lab is the consumer insights and brand strategy group at Alcone Marketing Group, a consumer activation company.

Boldface in Cyberspace: It’s a Woman’s Domain is a site where women over 40 discuss everything from politics to fashion.


Boldface in Cyberspace: It’s a Woman’s Domain – New York Times
IT was another season of fashion runway shows and a group of friends, chatting about the revival of Halston, were reminiscing about their personal encounters with the designer. Candice Bergen shared how he had lent her a white mink bunny mask and strapless gown for Truman Capote’s 1966 Black and White Ball. Liz Smith spoke of how cocaine had destroyed the man during the disco era. Joni Evans admitted to attending a party and gushing to “Calvin Klein” about how she adored his designs, only to realize that she was gushing to Halston.

Their conversation might have taken place over lunch at Le Cirque. Only
this was a virtual Le Cirque: the memories spilled forth not from
lipstick-ringed mouths, but from BlackBerrys, iPhones and laptops
before being posted on, a new Web site aimed at women 40 and older.


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  1. Looks like this site will launch soon…I can’t wait!

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