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Pedigree Adoption Campaign Drives Dog Food Sales

Pedigree’s annual adoption campaign sees success again.


MediaPost Publications – Pedigree Adoption Campaign Drives Dog Food Sales – 03/12/2008
ANYONE WHO WAS MOVED BY Pedigree’s Adoption Drive ad showcasing shelter dog Echo, a poor Border collie mix struggling to find a home, will be happy to know that he–as well as the 12 other dogs featured in the six-week campaign–have all found loving homes.

Pedigree–the company behind a television commercial depicting Echo in a shelter getting hopeful as people walked up and sad when they walked away–is set to air a television commercial updating Echo’s story. The spot depicts Echo in a shelter, as a voiceover says, “I don’t know how I got here,” and the screen goes dark. “But I’ll never forget the day I got out.” The commercial then shows Echo bounding out of his new house, annoying the family cat and getting a vigorous belly rub.


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3 Responses

  1. Jennyca says:

    I saw that commercial and I was so moved. I felt in love with Echo and I wish it was me who could adopt him. But I’m very happy for him and all the other dogs that found a loving home .
    Way to go ! Echo and and all of the others nice dogs and his new families.
    I think this was a very nice campaign by the Pedigree company, hope other companies take the example and produce commercials or projects like this to help dogs get adopted.
    I would like to said also, when I had my dog Smore me and my family feed him pedigree dog food and he love it. He had to be put to sleep 2 years ago and it was so devastated for us and the sadness pull me away from wanting any other dog. But the Echo commercial brought me back. I want to adopt a doggy again and when I do, I hope He’s as friendly and cute like Echo.

    Thank You, so much !

    Jenny Calderon, from Orlando FL.

  2. Rose wells says:

    Hello, We adopted an abused dog from Ohio that was transported to Canada. He is identical to OLIVER on your T.V. commercial last week. We would like to know the breed if you have this information. He also is identical to the add done in a magazine of the little dog in the toilet.We know he has some terrier, but would appreciate any information you may have. Thank you and please keep up the great Pedigree adoption adds. So many need homes. Thank you Rose

  3. patty rollo says:

    please help me i have adopted 3 pedigree labs 1 is 4 years old the other 2 are almost 2 years old i cannot take care of all three any more i would like to have the 2 younger ones adopted together they are sisters and inseperable please help 1 is a yellow lab and 1 is chocolate

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