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Fruity Infusions Brand Is Skyy’s Biggest-Ever Launch

In addition to advertising, the marketing, anchored by the tagline “Go
Natural,” will include extensive sampling, point-of-sale materials, bartender
education and a cross-country mobile marketing tour for both consumer and trade
functions. The tour, with 13 stops, will take place in an Airstream SkyDeck
(patio on roof) with a bar/bartender inside for “pop-up parties,” and a mobile


MediaPost Publications – Fruity Infusions Brand Is Skyy’s Biggest-Ever Launch – 03/13/2008
SKYY INFUSIONS, BEING TOUTED AS the first “all natural, true-to-fruit vodka experience” and scheduled to begin hitting stores in April, will be the biggest launch in Skyy Spirits’ 16-year history, according to Infusions brand manager Kirsten Van Sickle.

Skyy, a subsidiary of Gruppo Campari, doesn’t reveal marketing budgets, but Van Sickle reports that advertising will be focused in entertainment and lifestyle media.


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