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Tecate Beer Targets Its Core Drinkers ‘Con Caracter’

While the idiomatic, nonsensical language of the campaign may not resonate with
non-Mexican Spanish speakers, but, says the brand director, “We know our market,
and we want to talk directly to them. I’ve seen a lot of campaigns that try to
appeal to a broader market and what happens is they get watered down; they kind
of appeal to everyone, but only kind of.”


MediaPost Publications – Tecate Beer Targets Its Core Drinkers ‘Con Caracter’ – 03/17/2008
PHRASES SUCH AS “FOR THOSE who don’t come because they can, but because they can they come” and “For those who know on which side the iguana chews” may not mean much as a phrase to English speakers (or even non-Mexican Spanish speakers), but Tecate beer is using such colloquialisms to connect with its core audience in a new advertising campaign.

“These are phrases of character,” Carlos Boughton, Tecate brand director, tells Marketing Daily. “It may sound totally senseless, but the idea is to recognize people who have achieved some amount of leadership and success.”


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