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Greener By The Minute, New Wal-Mart Prototype Raises Bar

Wal-Mart is an aggressive cost-cutter, and once it realized there were
potentially tens of millions of savings in operations, energy efficiency had
great appeal,” says the author of The Green Building Revolution. “And it
gives Wal-Mart an opportunity–both in terms of public relations and political
relations–to be seen as a different kind of company.


MediaPost Publications – Greener By The Minute, New Wal-Mart Prototype Raises Bar – 03/19/2008
WAL-MART STORES HAS COME UP with its most energy-efficient store design yet, and says the new prototype will use up to 45% less energy than its baseline Supercenter.

And experts say that Wal-Mart, which has aggressively pursued energy-saving innovations, may finally be winning the perception war. Although environmental groups often accuse it of being the consummate corporate green washer, its energy efficiencies are undeniably cutting-edge, and will be tough for many retailers to replicate.


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