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Advertisers Vote Early, Vote Often

Marketing executives say the breadth of products and services that are trying to
piggyback on the 2008 presidential election is much greater than ever before,
and Madison Avenue has gotten started much earlier in response to the unusually
high drama of the early days of the campaign.


Advertisers Vote Early, Vote Often –
With the country riveted by the presidential election, Madison Avenue is turning to Pennsylvania Avenue for inspiration to sell everything from mops to financial services, from vodka to baseball.

A new ad campaign by XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. revolves around a mock election for the president of XM Baseball. Television, online, newspaper and mobile ads, which begin at the end of this month, ask fans to cast a vote for one of two candidates: New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter or Boston Red Sox first baseman slugger David Ortiz. One TV spot features talking bobblehead dolls of Mr. Jeter and Mr. Ortiz. “Ask not what the team can do for you but what you can do for the team,” the Jeter bobblehead declares.


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