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Names for dogs miss the Spot

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, but for many Americans, they mean even more than that. And now, most of the top 10 names for man’s best friend are also common names for, well, man! This certainly supports the fact that the humanization of our pets is one of the top trends right now.


Names for dogs miss the Spot –
Spot is out and Max is in. In fact, in a recent survey of the 10 most popular dog names in the nation, names more fit for humans are finding favor over more traditional dog names like Buddy and Buster.

“Over 50 years ago, Spotty was common,” says dog owner Eileen Watson of
Hallandale Beach, Fla., who has had eight dogs over the past 40 years.
“Now, I don’t know of any dog that doesn’t have a human name.”

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  1. I don’t find clever/cute names like Ruby, Ellie, Sam, or Lars weird.

    What is bizarre to me is when animals have regular people names. I once met a german shepherd named Justin. I think that is just bizarre.

    Can you imagine a dog named Melissa?

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