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An Online Game So Mysterious Its Famous Sponsor Is Hidden

The Lost Ring is part of a gaming genre called alternate-reality
games that blend online and offline clues and rely on players
collaborating to solve the puzzles. While corporate sponsorship of these games is common, this is McDonald’s first foray into the genre.


An Online Game So Mysterious Its Famous Sponsor Is Hidden – New York Times
NOT known for its dark marketing, McDonald’s is more a try-our-new-salad, get-your-Shrek-action-figure, look-at-our-dollar-menu sort of place.

For that reason, gamers were surprised to learn that McDonald’s was the
sponsor of an enigmatic Olympic-themed online game called The Lost
Ring, introduced last month. Nothing about the game was branded
McDonald’s, and the game’s Web sites — mysterious and hip, like “Lost”
mixed with “The Blair Witch Project”— were a far cry from the golden


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  1. verry intresting , cool

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