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Hoping To Get Its Hanes On Them, Brand Does Online Duty

Hanes is taking to the web to find its target consumer – young men.

MediaPost Publications – Hoping To Get Its Hanes On Them, Brand Does Online Duty – 04/03/2008
GENTLEMEN MAY HAVE PREFERRED HANES back in the Seventies, but today’s young men prefer anything that’s online–so the iconic brand is spending a lot more time bouncing around the Internet, particularly in places where there is men’s lifestyle content to be found.

That means games and movies, videos and music about women and cars, risk and adventure. Over the last 18 months, Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Hanes has integrated its marketing, says Hilton Graham, senior brand manager on the Hanes brand, looking for entry to places where young men go to explore.


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