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Dead Celebrity Walking: Latest Post-Mortem Popularity Rankings

Most marketers use Q data to assess the existing appeal and attention-getting
power of deceased celebrities who may tie in well with their messages. Using
Fred Astaire as a dancing partner for a Dirt Devil presumably worked because of
its light-hearted way of employing Astaire’s flair for making extraordinary
moves look easy.


MediaPost Publications – Dead Celebrity Walking: Latest Post-Mortem Popularity Rankings – 04/04/2008
DEATH CAN’T KEEP A GOOD celebrity down — a reality that marketers caught onto long ago.

Indeed, the famous deceased are so in demand for advertising and marketing of all stripes that Forbes last October published its seventh annual list of “Top-Earning Dead Celebrities — which, by the way, showed that the top 13 raked in $232 million in combined revenue during the previous 12 months.


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