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BMW Turns to the Web for Its 1-Series

Almost half the $15 million to $25 million budgeted for a campaign introducing
the BMW 1-Series–a compact in coupe and convertible versions targeted to a
younger, somewhat less well-heeled driver–is being devoted to online media. The
campaign seeks to reassure potential buyers that the model is indeed a “pure
BMW” despite being smaller and less expensive.

The online elements of
the campaign include letting members of Facebook design virtual cars and send
them to Facebook friends; buying dominant positions–known as takeovers–on the
home pages of and; posting video clips on YouTube; and
developing a microsite ( As of Friday, more than 6,000 Facebook
members had already entered a BMW contest, which began on March 29, by
submitting car designs.
There are some unconventional approaches for the
traditional media, too. Three magazines–City, Dwell and
Paste–are printing pure-white covers that are glued over the actual
front covers of the issues; ads for the 1-Series are on the other sides of the


BMW Turns to the Web for Its 1-Series – New York Times
REMEMBER when Procter & Gamble peddled Ivory soap as “99 and 44/100 percent pure”? A campaign for a new model from BMW, which makes extensive use of nontraditional media, is trying to promote the purported purity of 1.

The campaign, now under way, introduces the BMW 1-Series, a compact in
coupe and convertible versions. The car, starting at $28,600, is meant
to appeal to a younger, somewhat less well-heeled driver than the
current BMW model lineup.


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