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Two-thirds of Shoppers Plan ore Coupon Use

Not surprisingly, more people are planning to use coupons moving forward.


Research Brief » Blog Archive » Two-Thirds of Shoppers Plan More Coupon Use
In a recent ICOM survey of U.S. Shoppers, selected from a 40,000 HH database, 67% said they are much more likely, or somewhat more likely, to use coupons during a recession. The breakdown was 45% percent much more likely and 22% percent somewhat more likely. Over the past ten years, the average coupon redemption rate has declined to less than 1.0 percent from a level of 1.6 percent across all U.S. coupons distributed, says the report.


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  1. Melody Lyn says:

    Yes coupons are one way to help boost sales in retail to help out the economy, and at the same time saves the consumer some money at the same time, during these times I can say I too am using coupons more often then I did before.

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