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When It Comes To Online, Being Green Matters As Much As Price

With consumers doing so much online research and purchasing, retailers should
include relevant environmentally conscious information throughout their paid and
natural search campaigns.


MediaPost Publications – When It Comes To Online, Being Green Matters As Much As Price – 04/14/2008
BUYING GREEN PRODUCTS MATTERS SO much to online shoppers that many say they are they willing to pay 5% or more for them, according to a new study from DoubleClick Performics.

And about 60% of online shoppers say they consider a company’s
environmental practices either “very” or “extremely” important. What’s
more, 49% say that–at least occasionally–they go online specifically
to search out environmentally friendly products.

While the green trend has been building for some time, “the number of
people who say that being environmentally conscious is important to
them is higher than I’d expected,” says Stuart Larkins, senior vice
president/search at DoubleClick Performics. “It’s easy to think people
who are shopping online are only looking at price, but clearly, they
are looking beyond that.”


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