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1/3 Of Moms Buy Baby Products Online; 2/3 Research There

Prospectiv’s Jere Doyle says the results basically confirm that mothers of young
children, while still far more inclined to use search, are also receptive to
targeted, opt-in e-newsletters-making these important for augmenting reach to
this consumer segment. “Marketers need to build consumer relationships,” he


MediaPost Publications – 1/3 Of Moms Buy Baby Products Online; 2/3 Research There – 04/15/2008
While most moms still prefer buying products for their babies and young children in person, one-third buy some of them online–and nearly two-thirds (61%) research their buys on the Net before heading for the store.

Also, among those who do research online,
the three top information sources are search (47%); e-newsletters
focused on products for babies/young children (16%), and branded
product sites (12%). Some also use general savings/shopping sites
(11%), shopping comparison sites (9%), and magazine/newspaper sites


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One Response

  1. Keith says:

    That’s information that I like hearing. My wife and I just opened up our own store online and she was really happy that I could get some good baby products that she wants to buy when we have our first together.

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