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Men arm themselves with anti-aging weapons

Aging boomer males under pressure in a tightening job market are turning to
anti-aging lotions, potions and serums to look younger. Crease-fighters now
account for 20% of the estimated $46 million in male skin care sales-up from
nearly zero a few years ago.

Both high-end and mass-market personal care
companies are pumping out new products. Last year, there were 53 new anti-aging
skin care products for men, according to Datamonitor’s Productscan Online. That
was four times the launches in 2005.


Men arm themselves with anti-aging weapons –
In the drive to look youthful — “distinguished” is out — guys are slathering on anti-aging lotions, potions and serums.

Prior to 2005, facial anti-agers aimed at men weren’t even a blip on the male skin care scene, according to tracker Mintel. But by 2007, crease-fighters accounted for 20% of the estimated $46 million in male skin care sales


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