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Moms’ new battle: The food price bulge

With rising food prices, gas prices and falling home prices, many consumers are doing all they can to tighten their belts. Beyond clipping coupons, families are embracing generic grocery brands and in some cases, making their own products like detergent and baby food.


Soaring food prices elicit creative solutions from moms – Apr. 21, 2008
NEW YORK ( — As American families face the double whammy of higher gas and food prices, moms nationwide are resorting to considerable ingenuity to stretch their monthly grocery budget.

For instance, Christina Pond of Arlington, Texas, makes her own detergent.

Pond, 26, a stay-at-home mom with an almost 8-month old daughter, does four loads of laundry every other day.


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  1. fermata says:

    why on earth is this only “mom’s” problem???

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