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As Barbie Sales Fall, Mattel Looks To Simplify Its Iconic Line

Mattel’s struggle to breathe life back into Barbie–more than a year after problems surfaced–shows the ongoing challenge the toy industry faces in attracting the fickle attention of young girls.

In many of last year’s Barbie lines, for example, the company sought to modernize the doll with more electronic features. But attempts to
address the competition posed by iPods and other electronic items have only
confused its young customers.


As Barbie Sales Fall, Mattel Looks To Simplify Its Iconic Line –
For Mattel Inc. and its flagship icon Barbie, chasing the ever-changing tastes of American girls is turning out to be more difficult than expected.

Amid a rare quarterly loss reported Monday, the El Segundo, Calif., company reported flat world-wide sales for the Barbie brand. That reflects a 12% decline in the U.S., repeating a pattern the company struggled with last year, when domestic Barbie sales declined as foreign sales increased.


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3 Responses

  1. selena says:

    Mattel has made these new playline dolls UGLY, this new face is cartoony and unappealing to kids & adults, make barbie with a normal head size and a beautiful face loose the new doll heads, these new cchanges are worse ever for Barbie & friends.Mattel can do sop much better!!!! If they wanted to.

  2. Barbie says:

    you gouys suckk. we love barbie and we buy all of themm.

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