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Firms Use Earth Day To Show Their Green Side –

Is Earth Day becoming a marketing ploy? The eco-friendly messages are piling up from companies who once regarded the celebration as one for long-hairs and tree-huggers. However, since most consumers are now more concerned than ever about the environment – marketers are too.

Firms Use Earth Day To Show Their Green Side –

As corporate America gets greener, Earth Day is following the path of Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas, and turning into a corporate marketing opportunity. But instead of advertising chocolates or toys, companies are selling themselves and their greenness — and often, the biggest marketers are those with sizable carbon footprints.

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  1. green4u says:

    The more companies use “green” the harder it is for the consumer to know what is actually good for them to buy. It is like the term “natural.” The consumer still needs to know what is good and bad for the environment because the term “green” on a product has no definition.

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