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Mag Bag: ‘Men’s Health’ Intros Mobile Interactive Print Ads

We’ve been hearing a lot about mobile ready images in recent months – but it has yet to catch the kind of popularity marketers are looking for. In an effort to be the first to do it right – Men’s Health magazine will be introducing mobile-readable advertising. Basically, consumers take a picture of the ad and send it to the SMS code. Then the consumer will get an SMS message with more info and possibly even a promotional offer.

Mag Bag: ‘Men’s Health’ Intros Mobile Interactive Print Ads – 04/25/2008

Men’s Health will feature the first mobile-readable ads in its July-August summer issue, scheduled to hit newsstands June 24. The ads will also include SMS short codes for readers whose mobile devices don’t have cameras. In addition to offering readers product samples, discounts, sweepstakes and free photo and video content, the program also allows advertisers to measure ROI with direct-response style metrics.

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