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Not-So-Personal Finance

Those under 35 find taking openly about personal finance something that is not taboo, unlike their over 35 counterparts.

While salaries may be disclosed casually among friends, that doesn’t
mean most young professionals brag about their incomes at a cocktail
party. There is still an etiquette to sharing the information — a
proper way to divulge.

For instance, most young people don’t
tell their cubicle mates, according to a 2007 study for Money magazine
by the sociologist Jeanne Fleming and the writer Leonard Schwarz.

young workers seem somewhat less likely to adhere to this convention
than older ones. The study found that 90 percent of those over 35 who
were surveyed agreed with the statement “you should never let your
co-workers know how much you make,” while 84 percent of subjects under
35 agreed.


Sharing Salary Figures on Facebook – New York Times
ARIELLE GREEN, a publicist in Manhattan, knows what most of her friends earn, whether it is $28,000 a year or $100,000. And she does not seem particularly shy about disclosing her income ($30,000 a year, plus overtime).

At 22, Ms. Green, like her friends, is less afraid to flirt with what
many over 35 consider the last taboo in American life: discussing
salary openly with friends and colleagues. “There’s just more of a
feeling of openness in discussing what you make,” Ms. Green said.


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