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Trend-Setting Hip-Hoppers Aging, But Brand-Loyal As Ever

Young urbans at the older end of the scale share the attributes that
make marketers salivate over this overall relatively young segment of the
population: Unusually high brand loyalty; a penchant for spending their money
now on goods ranging from electronics to cars, rather than saving; and an
unusually strong influence on product and fashion trends within the broader


MediaPost Publications – Trend-Setting Hip-Hoppers Aging, But Brand-Loyal As Ever – 05/09/2008
Even hip-hoppers have to age, and the demographics of this much-wooed market are indeed starting to shift, according to a new report, “The Young Urban Consumer Market in the U.S.,” from the Packaged Facts division of

The size of the overall young, urban consumer (i.e., hip-hop)
population–about 36.8 million as of 2007–will not change
significantly by 2012, according to PF’s estimates. However, the
oldest, the 25- to-34-year-old segment within the group, is growing the

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