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Beer Drinkers To Buy 21 Million Cases For Memorial Day

Millennials are more adventurous than their elders. They are much more
inclined to buy imported and craft (smaller-brewery) brands–a factor of having
grown up with a “wider flavor palette” than Boomers. “This
started back when they were kids, with the wide variety of juice boxes available
to them, and it’s continued on as they’ve aged, with today’s wider palette of
alcoholic beverages,” says Nielsen’s Nick Lake


MediaPost Publications – Beer Drinkers To Buy 21 Million Cases For Memorial Day – 05/16/2008
For brewers, summer–not Christmas–is the most wonderful time of the year.

Memorial Day kicks off prime beer-drinking season, and this year, U.S. adults are expected to buy a whopping 21 million cases (worth $381 million retail) in major supermarkets alone during the two weeks surrounding the holiday, according to the latest category data from The Nielsen Company.

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