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Study Finds Advertisers Don’t Quite Get Shopper Marketing

The Promotion Marketing Association’s Bonnie Carlson says that, done
right, shopper marketing “is all about making it easy for shoppers, so
things like packaging and store layout become very important.” An example,
she says, is a little kitchen set up by Nabisco near the dairy case: “That
puts its crackers near the cheese, and its cookies near the milk. It can both
surprise and delight a shopper.”


MediaPost Publications – Study Finds Advertisers Don’t Quite Get Shopper Marketing – 05/28/2008
When it comes to shopper marketing–reaching consumers when they are actually in shopping mode–a new study shows that major advertisers still have a lot to learn.

Part of the problem is that while both retailers and marketers agree that it is primarily the marketers’ job to bring consumer insights into the planning process, there’s a fair amount of misunderstanding about what that means, says Bonnie Carlson, president of the Promotion Marketing Association, which fielded the study.


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