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Wal-Mart Gains On Grocery Store Competition

Across the country people are cutting costs, and Wal-Mart’s competitive pricing model is attractive to shoppers,” the BIGresearch report says, noting that shoppers seem to be consolidating shopping trips, which is boosting Wal-Mart’s share of prescription drug sales, as well. Walgreens continues to dominate, with a 17.3% market share in May, followed by CVS, with 13.2%. And while both posted gains, No. 3 Wal-Mart grew faster, for a total share of 13.1%.


MediaPost Publications – Wal-Mart Gains On Grocery Store Competition – 06/03/2008
Looks like consumers aren’t the only ones feeling the pinch of rising food prices: A new study shows that regional grocery chains are increasingly losing their edge to Wal-Mart, as shoppers look to fill their carts with more food bargains. The May study, conducted by BIGresearch, a consumer intelligence company based in Worthington, Ohio, reports that Wal-Mart maintains its No. 1 spot among all adults nationwide, with 16% saying that Wal-Mart is the store they shop most frequently. But regional chains are slipping.


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