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Despite Downturn, Hispanics Still Buying Big-Ticket Items

“I’m seeing more [say they will] buy cars and furniture, too,”
says Vertis Communications’ Scott Marden. “Marketers with a multicultural
campaign should include text messaging, and Internet and direct mail, not just
put all the dollars in TV because it won’t reach a variety of Hispanics.”


MediaPost Publications – Despite Downturn, Hispanics Still Buying Big-Ticket Items – 06/09/2008

Hispanic adults in the United States are more likely to spend money on electronic gadgets like Apple iPods, Samsung HDTV and Canon digital cameras than their non-Hispanic counterparts, even during a down economy, according to a recent study from Vertis Communications, Baltimore.

The Customer Focus Opiniones study released
this month reveals that 28% of Hispanics will purchase a large-screen
or HDTV within the next 12 months, compared with 23% of non-Hispanics.
The study also indicates that 22% of Hispanics are more likely to
invest in a new laptop or a notebook computer within the next year,
compared with only 18% of non-Hispanics.


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