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The Consumer Lab is the consumer insights and brand strategy group at Alcone Marketing Group, a consumer activation company.

Nothing Sells Like Celebrity

Using celebrities for
promotion is hardly new, but over the last decade, corporate brands have
increasingly turned to Hollywood celebrities and musicians to sell their
products. Stars showed up in nearly 14% of ads last year, according to Millward
Brown, a marketing research agency.

Some consumers don’t really trust celebrities, but they still run out to buy
their perfumes or fashions for two reasons. First is the emergence of Web sites
and magazines that chronicle the mundane, daily activities of stars on a 24/7
basis. The other new force has been the explosive growth and mainstreaming of
urban hip-hop music and marketing moves by artists like Sean Combs, Shawn
Carter (better known as Jay-Z) and Jennifer Lopez


Nothing Sells Like Celebrity – The Boom in Endorsements –
EARLY last year, marketing executives at Totes Isotoner, a Cincinnati company that had spent the previous 30 years churning out a reliable lineup of humble umbrellas, crowded around a computer and listened to a teenage singer from Barbados named Rihanna breeze through a tune titled, appropriately, “Umbrella.”


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