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The Consumer Lab is the consumer insights and brand strategy group at Alcone Marketing Group, a consumer activation company.

Consumers Look Beyond Industry To Size Up Company Reputation

“In the past, there had been a tendency to throw the baby out with
the bathwater,” Harris Interactive’s Robert Fronk says. “[Now],
consumers are really trying hard to identify those companies that are behaving
differently.” And behaving differently can have an impact. According to
the survey, companies with the highest reputation scores were also the ones
most likely to be recommended by consumers for products and/or investment.
“Companies that pay attention to enhancing their reputation see
bottom-line results,” he says.


MediaPost Publications – Consumers Look Beyond Industry To Size Up Company Reputation – 06/24/2008

When it comes to corporate reputations, the ones who have been doing things right are continuing to do so. As for the others, improvement needs to be made.

According to Harris Interactive’s ninth annual corporate reputation survey, corporate America’s reputation has declined, and the companies that had the worst marks in 2006 dropped again in 2007. But the companies at the top of the list increased their standing.


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