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Corona Expands Outreach To Full Latino Audience

With the total Hispanic population continuing to grow and diversify, and
with our distribution expansion to the East Coast, it was important to ensure
that our message resonate with non-Mexican Hispanics, as well,” says Crown
Imports’ Guillermo Gutierrez. The new strategy will continue through 2009.


MediaPost Publications – Corona Expands Outreach To Full Latino Audience – 06/25/2008
A new ad campaign from Corona Extra aims to leverage and expand the brand’s bond with the entire U.S. Latino community.

Previous Hispanic ad efforts by Corona have focused on using the brand’s Mexican heritage to create an emotional link with Mexican-Americans. Now, the brand is seeking to convey that “Corona is not only a brand that represents Mexicans, but an iconic brand that symbolizes all Latinos’ success,” in the words of Guillermo Gutierrez, director of Hispanic marketing for Crown Imports, Corona’s U.S. importer.


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