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It’s American Brandstand: Marketers Underwrite Performers

As record labels
struggle to adjust to a harsh new digital reality, other companies are stepping
up their involvement in music, going far beyond standard endorsement contracts
and the use of songs in commercials. Procter & Gamble, for example, is
joining Island Def Jam in a joint venture called Tag Records, a label that will
sign and release albums by new hip-hop acts. It is named after the body spray
that P&G acquired when it bought Gillette.


It’s American Brandstand – Marketers Underwrite Performers –
The hip-hop and R&B producer Jermaine Dupri has discovered best-selling acts like Kris Kross and Da Brat, has produced hits for Mariah Carey and Jay-Z, and now runs the urban music division of the Island Def Jam Music Group. He’s also looking for fresh talent for a new label financed by a company new to the music industry.

The new player? Procter & Gamble.

consumer goods giant is part of a wave of companies getting into the
music business to promote their own products, essentially becoming
record labels themselves.


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