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The Changing Face of the U.S. Consumer

The average U.S. head
of household is now nearly 50 years old, and more than 80% of the growth in the
number of households in the next five years will be among those headed by
people 55 and older. In fact, aging baby boomers will add more than 1 million
consumers per year to the 65-and-older segment during that time — increasing
its number at more than twice the rate of the past five years.

Fortunately for marketers, the chances are rising that not many boomers will be
retired by 65. But that doesn’t change the presence of a Medicare card in their
wallets and the psychological effect it’s likely to have. For one thing, it
fosters more risk-averse behavior. This will present several challenges.


The Changing Face of the U.S. Consumer – Advertising Age – News
NEW YORK ( — The marketing community, already dealing with a slumping economy and an increasingly consumer-controlled media marketplace, must confront another new reality: The face of the American consumer is changing dramatically.

It’s not news that the nation is aging, but the fact that the average
U.S. head of household is just six months shy of 50 is a startling


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