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Consumers Cut Back On Health, Food–But Not TVs

MediaPost Publications – Consumers Cut Back On Health, Food–But Not TVs – 09/09/2008

Nearly half (44%) of U.S adults report that their diets are becoming less healthy as food prices rise, 52% are buying fewer organic products, and 48% are spending less on health and wellness overall, according to a new study from cultural trend tracking firm Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve.

Consumer electronics, including flat-screen TVs and video games, seems to be one of the very few category that has benefited as consumers become even more entrenched in cocooning to save money (43% report spending more on their homes, with consumer electronics on the top of the list), Popcorn points out.

Two-thirds (66%) of respondents report cutting back on overall spending, and 84% report making changes such as reducing shopping trips. Fully 90% of women and 79% of men (84% overall) report “buying less stuff,” and 90% report that they are considering opting for a simpler life.


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