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Articles of interest for Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From this week’s Harris Poll: Four in Five Americans Made Cuts to Personal Spending Due to Economy

As the economy has suffered over the past year, one area where consumers have been impacted is in their spending. Four in five Americans (79%) say they have made cuts over the past year in their personal spending due to the economy. One-third (32%) have made a lot of cuts while almost half (47%) have made some cuts. Just one in five Americans (21%) have not made any cuts in their personal spending due to the economy.


From the Hartman Group: Spending Once, Giving Twice: A New Twist on an Old Practice

Prepaid gift cards have seemingly become the perfect answer to the age-old question of “what to give” for any occasion. Created as an antidote to what some view as mindless consumption, charity gift cards take the ritual of giving and align it more closely with what is believed to be a more considered decision.


‘Recession Shoppers’ Pursue Value, Not Just Discounts

Researchers have found that as economic duress presses down on wallets, online shoppers increasingly scour the internet for the best value on their purchases, not just low prices, MarketingVOX reports. In essence, “Value is the new black,” proclaims the study by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates.


U.S. Consumers Feel Loyalty Reward Programs Not Relevant

According to consumer survey research released by Direct Antidote, far too many mailings, emails and Facebook messages that companies send to their loyalty reward program members miss the mark. Only 32% of U.S. consumers rated reward program communications 8 or higher on a 1 to 10 scale for measuring relevancy to their personal needs, with 68% giving a score of 7 or below.


From Progressive Grocer: Fewer Consumers Can Afford to Buy Healthy Foods: Survey

According to a recent survey by Chicago-based food industry research firm Technomic, the recession is playing havoc with shoppers’ access to more nutritious foods. The survey found that while over half of consumers are more concerned about what they eat today vs. a year ago, 70 percent said that healthier foods are increasingly difficult to afford, 53 percent said they often buy less healthy foods because they’re cheaper, and 44 percent say their budgets keep them from eating healthier foods.


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I can categorize my blog posts directly from Word! Seriously, this is making me more and more excited! Maybe now I can keep my Twitter posts and blog posts updated almost simultaneously! Woo hoo!

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Test # 2 – Twitter posts for Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Study: Multi-Taskers Bad at One Thing: Multi-Tasking:

American Teens Weigh in on What “Healthy” Means — turn to parents before facebook for info

Virtual restaurants are huge on Facebook

SIGG & how they misled consumers, big let down re: transparency & gd corp behavior.

10% more shoppers ditching items at the checkout counter this yr v. better economic times!

Translating feelings into research online. NYTimes.

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