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Study: Baby Boomers Love Social Networks Too

Study: Baby Boomers Love Social Networks Too

Social networking sites used by teenagers and young adults are also being adopted by baby boomers (aged 44-61). The findings show that 41% of baby boomers have visited social networks, such as MySpace or Facebook, and 61% have been to sites with streaming or downloadable video.

The study, which surveyed 11,600 consumers online, also found that over 57% of Web users overall have stopped at social networking sites in the past three months. Baby boomers stopped on average of eight times in that period.


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Study: Boomers, Not Gen Y, Biggest Green Shoppers

Older Demos Use Green Products Most Often – MarketingVOX

While conventional marketing wisdom holds that it’s those idealistic Gen Y shoppers who are the most committed to buying products that are less harmful to the environment, a new study finds that, actually, Baby Boomers are the greenest generation.

Both male and female groups 55 years and older are above-average users of environmentally friendly home goods in the U.S., according to the new study from ICOM Information & Communications.

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Widely-Held Attitudes about Various Generations Studied

Widely-Held Attitudes about Various Generations Studied – MarketingVOX

Generation Y is the most self-indulgent, Generation X is the most innovative, and Boomers are the most productive, while the “Silent Generation” and the “Greatest Generation” are the most admired, according to a recent survey by Harris Interactive, writes MarketingCharts.

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U.S. to Grow Grayer, More Diverse

U.S. to Grow Grayer, More Diverse –

The nation’s population will look dramatically different by mid-century, becoming more racially and ethnically diverse and a good deal older as it increases from about 302 million to 439 million by 2050, according to projections released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Big-Spending Boomers Buy for Multiple Generations

Big-Spending Boomers Buy for Multiple Generations – MarketingVOX

Consumers in their 40s and 50s are at or near the peak of their earning
potential. They also make the majority of household spending decisions
for themselves and their older and younger dependents, according to a study by TV Land

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Boomers Are Not Bloggers

Boomers More Traditional Online – Not into Blogs, Social Networking

People over age 40 participate heavily in word-of-mouth and value personal recommendations and expert opinions, but they have not embraced social networking or blogs despite being heavy users of other online services, according to a ThirdAge/JWT Boom study.

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For a Good Retirement, Find Work. Good Luck.

Ideas and Trends – For a Good Retirement, Find Work. Good Luck. –

Boomers stay in the workforce longer to boost their standard of living
Some baby boomers plan to remain in the workforce into their mid-60s as part of an effort to boost their standard of living in retirement. Waiting longer to claim Social Security benefits also allows retirees to pocket larger checks under the federal program. However, some experts note that some companies remain reluctant to retain or hire older workers.

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The Changing Face of the U.S. Consumer

The average U.S. head
of household is now nearly 50 years old, and more than 80% of the growth in the
number of households in the next five years will be among those headed by
people 55 and older. In fact, aging baby boomers will add more than 1 million
consumers per year to the 65-and-older segment during that time — increasing
its number at more than twice the rate of the past five years.

Fortunately for marketers, the chances are rising that not many boomers will be
retired by 65. But that doesn’t change the presence of a Medicare card in their
wallets and the psychological effect it’s likely to have. For one thing, it
fosters more risk-averse behavior. This will present several challenges.


The Changing Face of the U.S. Consumer – Advertising Age – News
NEW YORK ( — The marketing community, already dealing with a slumping economy and an increasingly consumer-controlled media marketplace, must confront another new reality: The face of the American consumer is changing dramatically.

It’s not news that the nation is aging, but the fact that the average
U.S. head of household is just six months shy of 50 is a startling

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Nuts for Boomers

Frito-Lay’s new nut-based
snack line, True North, claims not only to be healthy and tasty, but
inspirational as well.


Nuts for Boomers
The snack food category is known for being several things, but inspirational?

Frito-Lay thinks it can be and is positioning its new nut-based, Boomer-targeted snack line, True North as “a truly inspired natural nut snack.”

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Baby boomers eat their way to health and beauty

Baby Boomers are trying to eat their way to a younger complexion with fresh, natural foods which offer “ageless health and beauty”, a new report said.


Baby boomers eat their way to health and beauty
The generation aged between 44 and 62 are seeking health and youth-enhancing effects from nutrient-rich foods, according to the report called Baby Boomer Attitudes and Opportunities: At Home, At Work and On the Road, from the providers of market research Packaged Facts.

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