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Growing a New Niche in Retail Banking

Top-performing banks around the world are tailoring their services across all
channels to adapt to the preferences of mass affluent customers–a small but
increasingly influential segment. Although mass affluent customers are 30% more
likely to prefer the online channel, banks can still target them by enhancing
their experience in the branch and on the phone.


Growing a New Niche in Retail Banking
The growing number of well-to-do consumers has already captured the attention of the retail market, and now banks are getting on board: In early September 2007, HSBC announced the roll out of HSBC Premier — offering borderless banking and preferential services — which they describe as “the first truly global personal banking service for the world’s…mass affluent,” a demographic group that is variously defined as possessing between US$100,000 and $1 million in liquid assets and that has demonstrated a taste for luxury and exclusivity. Another early entrant to the field, Citibank, describes Citigold, which offers exclusive services and rewards to mass affluent customers, as a “premium banking relationship…designed to give you — and your finances — the attention you deserve.”

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Managing Your Money In Public View

A new slew of Web sites are trying to attract young people by combining social networking with personal finance.


Managing Your Money In Public View –
It used to be that people shied away from sharing intimate details about their financial lives.

Now, amid the rising popularity of social-networking services such as Facebook and MySpace, a crop of new personal-finance Web sites is letting users post their private personal-finance details and share advice with each other on tracking their spending and making better investment decisions.

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Chase Backing Mini-Series For Hispanics On Home Ownership

The effort follows a similar one directed to Chinese-Americans and is leveraging
the emergence of non-traditional markets. “The goal is really to reach a broad
audience,” says a Chase spokesperson. “We are mass market, which means reaching
all audiences and in their own language in a way that makes sense culturally.”


MediaPost Publications – Chase Backing Mini-Series For Hispanics On Home Ownership – 05/31/2007
CHASE’S RESIDENTIAL HOUSING LOAN DIVISION is following up its first-ever, in-language campaign to Chinese-Americans with a similar campaign directed at Hispanic people in the housing market.

Chase will be the exclusive advertising sponsor of “Nuestro Barrio” (“Our Neighborhood”), a Spanish-language TV mini-series about Hispanic life in the United States, set to air in New York City/New Jersey and select California markets.

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Critics to Marketers: Suicide Is No Joke

A backlash over a spate of advertising with suicide themes has raised questions about ads that are deliberately provocative.


Critics to Marketers: Suicide Is No Joke – New York Times
THE backlash against a spate of advertising with suicide themes has claimed a third commercial. Washington Mutual has stopped running a spot that showed actors playing bankers poised atop a building as if about to jump.

The commercial for Washington Mutual, by Leo Burnett in Chicago, was among four spots — all appearing in early February — that had suicide as a central point in their humorous or lighthearted narratives.

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Wachovia, Pace Launch Magazine For College-Bound, Parents

Wachovia and Pace Communications are teaming up to provide college-bound students and their parents with a magazine full of helpful information ranging from college savings plan options to identity theft on campus.


MediaPost Publications – Wachovia, Pace Launch Magazine For College-Bound, Parents – 03/13/2007
PACE COMMUNICATIONS, THE WORLD’S LARGEST private custom publishing company, will expand its portfolio of work for Wachovia Corporation with a new magazine for college-bound students and their parents.

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Goldman Sachs and Wall Street Go Green – Newsweek Business –

Environmentalists have been pressuring bankers to increase their eco-responsibility for quite a few years now. Well – it looks like its starting to pay off , banks are even beginning topursuade their big clients – many of which have been the world’s worst polluters – to invest in clean energy. I guess it was just a matter of time, but I’m glad to see this trend growing – even if the are only doing it for that other kind of green.


Goldman Sachs and Wall Street Go Green – Newsweek Business –

Wall Street is experiencing a climate change. Elite global investment banks like Citi, J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch never used to think twice about filling up the tanks of the nation’s biggest polluters looking for cash. But now, many of the same banks that grew rich financing companies’ strip mines, oil rigs and SUV plants are advising clients that the way to get the green is to go green. Since the late 1990s, environmentalists have been pressuring bankers to clean up their act, and to make it their business to persuade clients to do the same. “Sometimes we will decline to do a piece of business,” says Mark Tercek, Goldman’s green czar. “But more frequently, we recommend how we’d like to see the transaction proceed. Usually the client is open to our advice.” In an age when Al Gore wins an Oscar for a film on global warming, no one wants to look like they’re beating up on Mother Nature.

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MediaPost Publications – Going Green: BofA Commits Billions to Ecofriendly Initiative – 03/07/2007

Even banks are taking the green plunge. Its good to see that big business forsees profit from doing some good…


Going Green: BofA Commits Billions to Ecofriendly Initiative – 03/07/2007
by Judy Warner, Wednesday, Mar 7, 2007 5:00 AM ET

Bank of America pledged yesterday some $20 billion over the next 10 years to help save the world from the ravages of global warming, lending its voice to a growing chorus of corporations who see green in being green.

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Bank of America Tagline Has Run Its Course

Bank of America is launching a new ad campaign.


Bank of America Tagline Has Run Its Course – New York Times
BANK OF AMERICA is backing away from “Higher Standards” — at least in its new national advertising campaign.

While the phrase will not entirely disappear from the bank’s marketing
efforts, the company will introduce a new branding effort and tagline
during the Academy Awards broadcast on Sunday night.

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Cingular to Offer Cellphone Banking –

Cingular to Offer Cellphone Banking –
Mobile Service to Start in ’07
As Carrier Seeks to Counter
Slower Calling-Plan Sales
November 15, 2006; Page B10

Cingular Wireless is planning to launch a mobile-phone banking service that allows users to check account balances, transfer money and pay bills on their cellphones the same way they do now on their computers.

The new mobile service is set to be available on Cingular handsets early next year as part of a deal between the carrier and Firethorn Holdings LLC, a closely held company that specializes in mobile banking.

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Chase Launches First National Hispanic Ad Campaign

Chase Launches First National Hispanic Ad Campaign

October 11, 2006
By Moses Frenck

JPMorgan Chase on Tuesday announced it has launched its first broad national Hispanic advertising campaign to create brand awareness and loyalty for its Chase Card Services business.

The Spanish-language campaign is called “Confia en Ti. Confia en Chase.” (Have Confidence/Believe in Yourself. Have Confidence/Believe in Chase.) Developed in conjunction with Chicago-based Lápiz and Austin, Texas-based T3, it consists of television and online initiatives along with corporate sponsorships, according to the company.

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