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Study: Two-thirds of Consumers Reading Labels More Often

Study: Two-thirds of Consumers Reading Labels More Often

A survey released today by the Nielsen Co. found that 65% of
American consumers say they notice information on food packaging
more often compared to only two years ago.

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. consumer claim to mostly understand
what they are reading compared to 44% globally. That leaves a third
of the U.S. and more than half the world wondering exactly what
Sodium Benzoate and other ingredients and metrics actually


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Organic Market May Be At A Plateau

Organic market shows signs of a slowdown – Financial & Industry – FoodNavigatorUSA – Food, Beverage & Nutrition – Publications – Decision News Media

Although the number of consumers using organics increased from 55% to 73% between 2000 and 2006, there has been no notable change between 2006 and today, according to a survey by The Hartman Group. In fact, the report shows a slight decrease in use from 2006 to this year — from 73% of consumer to 69%.

“There is still a lot of opportunity to be found but food manufacturers now have to be a lot more judicial in where they put their innovation dollars into going organic,” says Shelley Balanko, vp of ethnographic research for The Hartman Group. Consumers are increasingly concerned about hormones and antibiotics in food, she says, which adds to the appeal of items such as organic dairy products.

Organic is now being included among “several symbolic distinctions of equal importance subsumed under the moniker of quality,” the report says. It notes that formerly fringe food categories –and categories that may link by dotted lines to organics, but can also stand on their own — are gaining traction with consumers. These categories include local and artisan products, as well as fair trade, humane, cage free or free range.

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More Consumers Brown-Bagging Lunch

More Consumers Brown-Bagging Lunch: NPD

More Consumers Brown-Bagging Lunch

The brown-bagged lunch is becoming an increasingly popular
workplace accessory these days, according to a new study from
market research firm the NPD Group. Indeed, weekday lunches toted
from home reached a new high in 2007 among adults 18 and older, 8.5
billion of which carried brown-bag lunches last year. More than
half of these lunches are consumed at the workplace, and most often
at the eater’s desk or workstation.

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The Coupon’s New Life Online

Consumed – Silicon Clips – The Coupon’s New Life Online –

Coupon redemption has been falling steadily for more than a decade — until, it turns out, relatively recently. Of course, it’s the sluggish economy that’s inspiring this return to thriftiness — along with a newer digital iteration of coupon culture.

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Weak economy may be Wal-Mart’s strong suit

While other retailers are slogging through the triple whammy of an economic downturn, rising gas and food prices and a deep housing slump, Wal-Mart has benefited by drawing in shoppers who previously spurned the retailer and retaining the business of those who say they dislike shopping there. Its share price is up and same-store sales, a key measure of a retailer’s health, have improved.

Simply put, a weak economy may turn out to be Wal-Mart’s strong suit. Wal-Mart spokeswoman Melissa O’Brien says the retailer has “absolutely” benefited from the fact that more Americans need to pinch pennies. But she thinks the company’s efforts to make shopping there more appealing — including extensively remodeling stores, working to improve customer service and revamping the product mix — also have helped keep them coming back.


Weak economy may be Wal-Mart’s strong suit – Retail –
There was a time when Betsy Baker would have been embarrassed to be seen shopping at Wal-Mart.

But that was a few years ago, before the price of gold shot up and the economy slowed, all but ruining her family jewelry business. And it was before her monthly house payments skyrocketed to $3,800 a month from $1,800, and she found herself trying to get rid of a house that is worth substantially less than she paid for it. It was before her family conceded that they could not escape their economic woes without filing for bankruptcy.

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Nuts for Boomers

Frito-Lay’s new nut-based
snack line, True North, claims not only to be healthy and tasty, but
inspirational as well.


Nuts for Boomers
The snack food category is known for being several things, but inspirational?

Frito-Lay thinks it can be and is positioning its new nut-based, Boomer-targeted snack line, True North as “a truly inspired natural nut snack.”

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Will Women Relish Their New Role As Chief Thrift Officer?

They’re dealing with thrifty concepts that may be entirely novel–eating
more leftovers, planning fewer, bigger shopping trips to supercenters, and even
baking from scratch. But these aren’t Martha Stewart-inspired moments of
domestic creativity–so far, they’re pure Betty Crocker. What’s interesting,
though, is the growing evidence that women seem to be enjoying at least some
aspects of these back-to-the-Bisquick initiatives.


MediaPost Publications – Will Women Relish Their New Role As Chief Thrift Officer? – 06/23/2008
While marketers everywhere are keenly sensitive to how rising gas and food prices are affecting family spending, experts think they may be missing a marketing-to-women sea change. For the first time in decades, women are taking on a role they’ve never had before–chief thrift officer. The bigger shock: They may even be enjoying it.

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North American Prepared Salads Growth Outpacing Europe

Euromonitor International describes the medium-to-long-term outlook for
the category in both North America and elsewhere as “vibrant”: Sales
in developed markets should rebound strongly as the obesity epidemic worsens,
and new opportunities will emerge in developing economies as they adopt
Westernized diets and experience concomitant health problems.


MediaPost Publications – North American Prepared Salads Growth Outpacing Europe – 06/13/2008
Western Europe has been the largest market for prepared salads, but North America is now gaining ground, according to new data from Euromonitor International.

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Up Next, a Show From Our Sponsor

Marketers of beer and pet food are developing programs that are centered on their products.


Advertising – Shows Created by Brands Walk Tightrope With Viewers –
DECADES after advertisers produced TV series like “Schlitz Playhouse of Stars” and viewers watched Barbara Walters and Ed McMahon deliver Alpo commercials on “Today” and “The Tonight Show,” marketers of beer and pet food are developing programs that are centered on their products.

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Recession, You Say? Pass Me The Beer And Pasta

During a poor economy, manufacturers and retailers can benefit by
further increasing the exposure of products that are recession-proof, and
implementing strategies that “shore up performance and maintain
traction” for categories likely to be most affected, pointed out Eugene
Roytburg, managing director, The Nielsen Company.


MediaPost Publications – Recession, You Say? Pass Me The Beer And Pasta – 06/09/2008

The economy will take a toll on many types of food and beverages, but it will barely dent the sales of beer and other liquor, dry pasta and pasta sauces and some other lucky categories.

Those are findings from new research by The
Nielsen Group, released during the group’s Consumer 360 Conference last
week in Phoenix.

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