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The Knitting Circle Shows Its Chic

If needlework has been transformed from a homely pastime into a
legitimate fashion pursuit, is it any wonder that some artisans are
marketing their handwork online and at cutting-edge boutiques? And
influencing designers in turn.


The Knitting Circle Shows Its Chic – New York Times
TEVA DURHAM is an unlikely idol, a soberly outfitted, plain-talking mother with a passion for quirky yarns. But to her fans, who snap up her how-to-knit books by the tens of thousands, Ms. Durham is the undisputed mistress of stitchery.

Those admirers, often young and aesthetically inclined, follow her
patterns — casting on, increasing, decreasing — with unwavering
fidelity. As well they might. Ms. Durham’s artfully crafted stockings
and skirts, open-work dresses and cardigans vie in style and intricacy
with many of their counterparts on the fashion runways.

Just a
few years ago, the assertion that hand-stitched garments could compete
with designer wares would have raised derisive hoots from the fashion
set, which viewed the needle crafts as the domain of ladies in buns and
harlequin glasses. As Ms. Durham acknowledged mildly, “People still
think of knitting as, you know, a homey hobby.”


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