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Packaged Facts: More Pets Getting A Raw (Food) Deal

Packaged Facts expects the fresh category to grow at a more modest CAGR of 23% over
the next five years, to reach sales of $473.4 million by 2012. While that’s
still a relative drop in the water bowl against traditional pet foods’
billions, the fresh growth rate significantly exceeds the 5% to 6% annual sales
growth of the pet food market as a whole.


MediaPost Publications – Packaged Facts: More Pets Getting A Raw (Food) Deal – 07/07/2008
Is your dog off his kibble? Staring longingly at the freezer compartment of your refrigerator?

Could it be that the grain-based pet foods you’ve been feeding Fido just aren’t cutting it from a biological standpoint?


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Nestle Purina’s Alpo Looks For New Face With Video Contest

The winning dog and its owner will also get a trip for two (plus dog) to
Hollywood to spend a day with an animal trainer, do a meet-and-greet with
canine celebrities from TV and film, tour L.A. animal film landmarks and get
spa treatments for both dog and owners. In addition, there will be a hometown
celebration, $10,000 in cash and a one-year supply for Alpo.


MediaPost Publications – Nestle Purina’s Alpo Looks For New Face With Video Contest – 06/24/2008
Consumers have until July 27 to upload videos of their dogs at their hungriest for the chance to have their favorite canine’s mug plastered on 2.5 million cans of Alpo and in national print ads come September.

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Driven By Trends, Nestle Purina Moves Into Pet Health Insurance

The company will lean upon its well-known brand portfolio and
iconography, which includes Puppy, Dog, Kitten and Cat Chow, and treats such as
Beggin’ Strips and T-Bonz, for marketing. Much of the initial messaging will be
tied to the Internet, from Purina brand Web sites to search marketing and


MediaPost Publications – Driven By Trends, Nestle Purina Moves Into Pet Health Insurance – 06/13/2008
Long known for its pet food and snack products, Nestle Purina is branching out into a different–but according to company officials, related–category: pet health insurance.

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Up Next, a Show From Our Sponsor

Marketers of beer and pet food are developing programs that are centered on their products.


Advertising – Shows Created by Brands Walk Tightrope With Viewers –
DECADES after advertisers produced TV series like “Schlitz Playhouse of Stars” and viewers watched Barbara Walters and Ed McMahon deliver Alpo commercials on “Today” and “The Tonight Show,” marketers of beer and pet food are developing programs that are centered on their products.

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Names for dogs miss the Spot

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, but for many Americans, they mean even more than that. And now, most of the top 10 names for man’s best friend are also common names for, well, man! This certainly supports the fact that the humanization of our pets is one of the top trends right now.


Names for dogs miss the Spot –
Spot is out and Max is in. In fact, in a recent survey of the 10 most popular dog names in the nation, names more fit for humans are finding favor over more traditional dog names like Buddy and Buster.

“Over 50 years ago, Spotty was common,” says dog owner Eileen Watson of
Hallandale Beach, Fla., who has had eight dogs over the past 40 years.
“Now, I don’t know of any dog that doesn’t have a human name.”

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P&G Extends Febreze To Pets

Febreze will launch a new SKU specifically for pet odors.


MediaPost Publications – P&G Extends Febreze To Pets – 03/31/2008
PROCTER & GAMBLE IS LAUNCHING a SKU of its Febreze brand for pets. The Cincinnati CPG giant will launch Febreze Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator via a partnership with pet sites and

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Old Dog, New Trick: Acupuncture

Dog water, dog clothes, and now – doggy acupuncture?

Old Dog, New Trick: Acupuncture – New York Times
WHEN my dog Otto was a puppy he behaved like an idiot, even for a Labrador retriever.

We haven’t been invited back to the Hamptons since the time he stole a cheeseburger from the hand of a child. Then he jumped into the pool, climbed out and shook himself off on the guests. That was probably forgivable. What came next — joyfully vomiting pool water, grass and ground beef at the host’s feet — was not.

I would like to say this behavior was atypical. But Otto was a spirited dog. He once toppled an elderly neighbor after he snouted her crotch too enthusiastically.

How I miss those days.

Now Otto is a slow-moving 9: X-rays show that he is arthritic, with swollen elbows. His orthopedist recently said he had a bulging disk. Despite every treatment known to modern veterinary science — from glucosamine tablets to prednisone to monthly injections designed to protect the cartilage in his joints — the only thing Otto throws himself into these days is our other dog’s food bowl.

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Honda Takes Cue From

Honda is working the dog-friendly angle with its Element.


MediaPost Publications – Honda Takes Cue From – 03/13/2008
HONDA’S AGENCY, RPA, TOOK A recommendation its client got for its Element car from a dog lover’s Web site and turned it into an ad. Now the agency is running the spot online on a variety of canine-related Web properties.

In December, named the Honda Element “DogCar of the Year.” The agency responded with an ad, “Pointer,” targeting 18- to-49-year-old males with an active, outdoor mindset.

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Pedigree Adoption Campaign Drives Dog Food Sales

Pedigree’s annual adoption campaign sees success again.


MediaPost Publications – Pedigree Adoption Campaign Drives Dog Food Sales – 03/12/2008
ANYONE WHO WAS MOVED BY Pedigree’s Adoption Drive ad showcasing shelter dog Echo, a poor Border collie mix struggling to find a home, will be happy to know that he–as well as the 12 other dogs featured in the six-week campaign–have all found loving homes.

Pedigree–the company behind a television commercial depicting Echo in a shelter getting hopeful as people walked up and sad when they walked away–is set to air a television commercial updating Echo’s story. The spot depicts Echo in a shelter, as a voiceover says, “I don’t know how I got here,” and the screen goes dark. “But I’ll never forget the day I got out.” The commercial then shows Echo bounding out of his new house, annoying the family cat and getting a vigorous belly rub.

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Fortified Water Has Gone to the Dogs

Beverage makers are targeting dogs and kids as they chase shares in the category.


Fortified Water Has Gone to the Dogs – Advertising Age – News
NEW YORK ( — How many more ways can marketers possibly target “enhanced” water? At least two: for kids and dogs.

Cott Corp. earlier this month introduced Fortifido, described as the
“first-ever fortified water for pets with real functional benefits.”
The brand comes in vitamin-enhanced formulas to promote healthy bones,
healthy skin, fresh breath and healthy joints in flavors including
spearmint, parsley and peanut butter.Meanwhile, Bot Beverages, which markets a line of kid-targeted waters
in orange, grape and berry flavors that have no artificial sweeteners
and preservatives, is looking to support its growing distribution with
an inaugural marketing campaign.

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