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Understanding ‘Digital Divas’

Understanding ‘Digital Divas’

“We sought to answer the burning questions keeping brand managers and advertisers up at night: How are women in the digital age different from women of past generations?” said Beth Uyenco, global research director of Microsoft’s advertiser and publisher solutions. “How can brands leverage digital media to deepen relationships with them?”


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Forrester Technographics Benchmark Survey: Gen Y a Generation Apart

Forrester Technographics Benchmark Survey: Gen Y a Generation Apart – MarketingVOX

Although Gen Y (those 18-28 years old) is a small generation, comprising just 38 million US adults, they set the pace for technology adoption – 9 in 10 own a PC and 82 percent own a mobile phone – according to Forrester Research’s 2008 North American Technographics Benchmark survey, MarketingCharts reports.

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Kiddies’ Wired Wish Lists

Forget dolls and toy trains; The younger set wants high-tech gadgets.


Kiddies’ Wired Wish Lists –
For the toy industry, the recent spate of recall-related headlines isn’t the only thing to fear this holiday season. A more fundamental concern is the iPhone on six-year-old Hilary Roberts’s wish list.

“She’s not after a doll,” says her father, Scott Roberts, an Internet executive from San Francisco. “There’s not one traditional gift she’s asking for this year. She’s asking: ‘Can I have an iPhone?'”

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Undoing Your Daily Damage to the Earth, for a Price – New York Times

There are many consumers out there that want to do more for the environment, however they are finding that their lifestyles currently don’t allow them to make drastic changes. These environmentally conscious consumers are turning to purchasing carbon offsets in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Undoing Your Daily Damage to the Earth, for a Price – New York Times

PATTI SARANIERO and her husband, Ben Thoron, who have three sons and live in San Diego, already recycle or compost their trash, and use compact fluorescent light bulbs. Last year, they decided to do even more to help the environment: they paid a company to help them offset some of the carbon they use.

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Coupons Gain New Market on Cellphones

Mobile couponing – we’ve been hearing about it for a while, and have even seen some brands take the plunge, but now the reach of this marketing technique is close to exploding. So far, about 1 million people have signed up to receive coupons on their cell phones. Cellfire, the largest cell coupon company is constantly adding more retailers to the list. Marketers see mobile couponing as the first step into the realm of mobile marketing, which is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years as marketers figure out the most effective ways to reach consumers through the medium.

Coupons Gain New Market on Cellphones –

Coupon-cutting has gone mobile.

One of the advertising world’s most durable but low-tech marketing techniques is getting a new lease on life as marketers look for a way to get their brands on cellphones — without irking consumers concerned about privacy.

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Half of all web viewers watching what the other half has to say

Millenials are leading the way when it comes to reading blogs and watching video on the web. It’s clear from a new report from Deloitte shows that Millenials are the early-adopters when it comes to media and technology use.

Center for Media Research – Daily Brief

According to the just released Deloitte’s study on Media & Entertainment practice, looking at how American consumers between 13 and 75 years of age are using media and technology today, Millennials (13-24) are leading the way, embracing new technologies, games, entertainment platforms, user-generated content and communication tools. Data from the survey show that user-generated content is in tremendous demand across the generations, with 51% of all consumers watching and/or reading content created by others.

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Catering to Couch Potatoes at the Ballpark –

I blogged about these gadgets a while back – hand-held devices that let spectators at professional sporting events get more info about the game as well as provide entertainment such as trivia and live video. People with internet enabled phones can subscribe otherwise you will be able to rent it when you go to the game. While some sports fans can’t understand why people would want to use this device, others are getting more into the game when they can see the players stats right in front of them.

Catering to Couch Potatoes at the Ballpark –

To grab the attention of multi-tasking, gadget-addled, information-obsessed Americans, sports teams are rolling out new tools for ticketholders.

The Mariners, Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants now let fans use portable devices to get access to features like live video of the game, instant replays of questionable calls and trivia contests. In the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans this season will be extending a service that the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins offered last year that lets fans in the seats tune into pro football games being played in other cities. And at this year’s US Open tennis tournament, some fans will be able to watch live video coverage on a handheld of the action on other courts.

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Young Adults in Florida, Northern California and Texas Leading the Way in Mobile Coupon Redemption

When it comes to mobile coupon redemption, cities in Northern California and Texas are leading the way. 68% of coupons redeemed were from mobile savvy shoppers between the ages of 18 and 34.


Young Adults in Florida, Northern California and Texas Leading the Way in Mobile Coupon Redemption: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance
SAN JOSE, Calif., July 31 /PRNewswire/ — Cellfire, the only nationwide mobile discount offer and coupon service, today released key findings regarding mobile coupon redemption, including the top 10 cities in America that are super savers. Miami-Fort Lauderdale tops the list of markets with the highest per capita usage of mobile coupons, with Northern California and Texas taking the majority of the remaining top spots. The findings are based on mobile coupons redeemed during the six month period ending June 30.

Top 10 Markets for Mobile Coupon Usage per Capita:

1. Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL

2. Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, CA

3. Chico/Redding, CA

4. Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

5. Waco/Temple-Bryan, TX

6. El Paso (Las Cruces), TX (NM)

7. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, CA

8. Jonesboro, AR

9. West Palm Beach/Fort Pierce, FL

10. Atlanta, GA

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Patrón Adds Viral Marketing With Online Social Community

Patron wants to give consumers a bit of brand history – and to do so it has created an onlile social community. The community encourages viral information sharing targeted at active trendsetters who are always in the know.

MediaPost Publications – Patrón Adds Viral Marketing With Online Social Community – 07/10/2007

PATRóN TEQUILA HAS LAUNCHED AN online community called the “Patrón Social Club,” a members-only hub for tequila aficionados at The community is an extension of the brand’s “Simply Perfect” global, integrated marketing campaign.

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Google’s Next Big Move: Carbon Neutrality

Google Announced yesterday that it plans to be carbon neutral by the end of 2007. Just how does such a huge company plan to get there in 6 months? 1 – increase energy efficiency, purchase renewable energy and purchase offsets. It also looks like Google will attempt to be a leader in advocating for policy changes and the quick adoption of environmentally friendly technologies.

GreenBiz News | Google’s Next Big Move: Carbon Neutrality

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 20, 2007 — Google becomes the latest of the big tech companies to announce major environmental initiatives, starting with its goal of becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2007.

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