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CPG Brands: If You’re Thinking Digital, These Are Your Tools

CPG consumers are turning to e-newsletters, search and branded sites to learn about CPG products, according to a new survey.


CPG Brands: If You’re Thinking Digital, These Are Your Tools – Advertising Age – Digital
BATAVIA, Ohio ( — In the latest of several studies showing surprising power for digital marketing among package-goods brands, more than two-thirds of consumers who use the internet have used it to research package-goods products, according to a new survey by Prospectiv, a firm that provides online customer leads for marketers.


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Hispanic Consumers More Receptive To E-mail Marketing

Marketers are beginning to pay heed, with more offering Spanish-language options
on their Web sites and in other communications. But most of these are verbatim
translations of the English versions. Forward-thinking marketers may want to
consider new communications targeted specifically to Hispanics.


MediaPost Publications – Hispanic Consumers More Receptive To E-mail Marketing – 12/26/2007
HISPANICS WELCOME E-MAIL COMMUNICATION FROM companies they know up to 11 times a month, while non-Hispanic consumers tolerate such e-mails only up to 7.4 times a month, according to new research from Mintel Comperemedia.

“This population is certainly more receptive to marketing and offers,” says Carmen Curran, senior e-mail analyst at Chicago-based Mintel Comperemedia. Hispanics tend to spend more time online while at home than the general population (9.2 hours per week versus 8.5 hours), so receiving information and offers through e-mail makes sense to them, she says.

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Non-Celebrities on the Web, Seeming to Make Non-Pitches

More and more marketers are turning to non-celebrities to pitch their products. From Apple’s “Mac Guy” to that guy who lived in his Nissan Sentra for a week, it’s not just small brands who are getting in on the non-celebrity action.

The reason in the shift to “regular people” spokespeople is well calculated; to appael to the young people blogging, linking and commenting about these characters in the virtual and viral world of the Internet. Appealing to this audience is important because they are highly influential, taking cues from the online buzz.

Additionally, leveraging the popularity of these characters online makes them, and in turn the brand, more engaging to the consumer.


Non-Celebrities on the Web, Seeming to Make Non-Pitches – New York Times
THE commercials are rambling musings by the comedian Demetri Martin that seem to have little to do with the product, Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system.

Yet Microsoft is tickled with its campaign featuring Mr. Martin. And the same goes for Nissan, which hired a little-known comic to live in a Sentra last fall and blog about it. And for Pepsi,
which is in its third year of featuring a changing cast of comedians —
many unfamiliar to the general public — in its commercials and on a Web
site for its Sierra Mist lemon-lime soft drink.

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Apple’s New Phone Could Be Category Killer, Spur Ads

First the Macintosh computer. Then the iPod. Then the MacBook. Now the iPhone.

Yesterday at the Macworld Conference, Steve Jobs unveild the much-anticipated Apple iPhone, which will be offered exculsively though Cingular Wireless.

The phone has iTunes and Web surfing capability and operates on the OS X platform.

How this new phone will change the way people use their mobile devices in the U.S. It will also be interesting to see what happens with the other carriers, as the excitement for the iPhone has been building for quite some time, if many people will switch providers in order to have the iPhone. Additionally, it will be interesting to watch what other handset makers – and leaders – like Motorola, Samsung and others will do to catch up.

Who doesn’t want to get on board with Apple and iPhone at this point??


MediaPost Publications – Apple’s New Phone Could Be Category Killer, Spur Ads – 01/10/2007
THE RUMORS WERE TRUE. STEVE Jobs did unveil the much-anticipated Apple iPhone at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco yesterday. It is slim, stylish, sleek, comes in two versions (4 GB for $499, 8 GB for $599), has iTunes and Web surfing capability, will operate on the OS X platform, and will be available exclusively on the Cingular wireless network.

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Teens: Email Is Just So Old-Fashioned

Teens: Email Is Just So Old-Fashioned
By Natali T. Del Conte
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Email is for old folks. A new survey by Parks Associates shows that teenagers are less likely to communicate via email than any other demographic.

According to the study, less than one-fifth of the 13-17 year olds surveyed profess to using email to communicate with friends, compared to 40 percent of adults aged 25-54.

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