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U.S. to Grow Grayer, More Diverse

U.S. to Grow Grayer, More Diverse –

The nation’s population will look dramatically different by mid-century, becoming more racially and ethnically diverse and a good deal older as it increases from about 302 million to 439 million by 2050, according to projections released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.


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Big-Spending Boomers Buy for Multiple Generations

Big-Spending Boomers Buy for Multiple Generations – MarketingVOX

Consumers in their 40s and 50s are at or near the peak of their earning
potential. They also make the majority of household spending decisions
for themselves and their older and younger dependents, according to a study by TV Land

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The Car That Got Away

A car can say so much about its driver. Today, many middle-aged men want to get back to their youth and they are doing it with restoring the cars the used to drive. This phenomenon also speaks to the fact that baby boomers are looking for new hobbies to occupy their time after the kids are gone and they retire.

The Car That Got Away –

They were the first generation to come of age with their own cars, and now they want them back.

Across the country, middle-aged men are going to extraordinary lengths to locate the actual vehicles they drove decades ago. They are trolling online car classifieds, cold-calling junkyards and hiring lost-car detectives to help. When they get desperate, they’re begging friends in law enforcement to run serial numbers and even sending instant messages to strangers who live near the last known person to own the car.

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Tailoring Messages to a New Audience: Wrinkled Baby Boomers

After decades of ardor for young consumers, marketers are looking for
ways to reach older audiences as the baby boomers reach the upper age


Tailoring Messages to a New Audience: Wrinkled Baby Boomers – New York Times
YOUNG LOVE,” the longtime siren song of Madison Avenue, is being remixed as marketers increasingly turn their attention to consumers born when “45” meant music rather than the number after 44 and “Apple” meant fruit.

The ardor for younger consumers has lasted for decades, fueled by
perceptions of them as being more likely to try new products and change
brands and to spend almost every penny they make. Older consumers, by
contrast, were less desirable because they were deemed to be shoppers
with entrenched habits who lived sedentary, frugal lives.

arrival of the baby boomers — the 76 million Americans born from 1946
to 1964 — into the upper age brackets is the leading reason for the
shift in opinions about older consumers. Free-spending boomers think
young, to quote from a Pepsi-Cola slogan of their era, regardless of how old they actually are.

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Survey: Boomers Have Money, Aren’t Afraid To Spend It

A new survey reveals Baby Boomers aren’t afraid to spend the money they have – a good thing for marketers, since Boomers have more than most other groups.

Not coincidentally, nearly 40% of the Boomers surveyed are empty nesters, who, coincidentally, have $351 more per month to spend!


Survey: Boomers Have Money, Aren’t Afraid To Spend It
NEW YORK — Far from being cowed by the growth in technology, the aging baby boom generation has embraced the Internet and everything related to it, and enjoys spending time online and surfing interesting Web sites.

That’s the crux of a new study by BoomerEyes, a leading boomer research and demographic intelligence company that studies baby boomers and their influence on American society and the economy.

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The Fast and the Furious Join the Country-Club Set

Even as cities are luring people back to downtown neighborhoods with their
melting-pot appeal, suburban and exurban “lifestyle communities” are emerging
with attractions in ever-narrower niches, including private racetracks, horse
stables and airstrips. The market is aging baby boomers who find themselves with
the time and money to pursue a singular passion.


The Fast and the Furious Join the Country-Club Set –
KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — Bill Georgas is building a gated community on ranch land here, but where a golf course might have gone, he’s constructing an automobile race track.

“Instead of the 18th green,” he says, “you’ll be looking at four miles of asphalt.”

Set upon almost 1,600 acres about 40 miles east of Dallas, Racers Ranch will feature an 8,000-square-foot clubhouse where homeowners will be able to enjoy a burger and a beer while watching their neighbors stretch the limits of their Ferraris, Porsches and Corvettes, Mr. Georgas says.

Even as cities are luring people back to downtown neighborhoods with their melting-pot appeal, suburban and exurban “lifestyle communities” are emerging with ever narrower niches.

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No Pet Left Behind

Vacation packages designed for you and your pet. Yes, seriously. Taking your pet on vacation with you is becoming a trend more and more marketers and hotels alike are capitalizing on.


No Pet Left Behind – New York Times
ONE brisk afternoon this past winter, the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch in Beaver Creek, Colo., could have been mistaken for the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

There sat Biscuit, a white-haired West Highland terrier from Denver, waiting diligently at the foot of her owner, a stylishly trim woman drinking a glass of wine in the lounge with a friend. And Bambi, a skittish border collie from Texas, wore a red Willie Nelson-style bandanna around her neck. Then there was the tan and petite cocker spaniel, prancing up and down the sunny courtyard alongside her equally tan and petite owner.

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