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Nintendo’s Wii Fit Campaign Is Targeted To Women

The wii fit is coming to Central Park. The launch campaign for the video game fitness product will target women in its marketing efforts which include a new microsite and a donation to the American Heart Association.

Nintendo’s Wii Fit Campaign Is Targeted To Women – 05/08/2008

Women shape the focus in Nintendo North America’s latest campaign for Wii Fit, the fitness game scheduled to hit streets on May 19. Events, marketing and advertising will support the release.

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Nintendo Hopes Its ‘Wii Fit’ Works Out

Nintendo’s Wii has come out with a new game targeted at women looking to lose some weight.


Nintendo Hopes Its ‘Wii Fit’ Works Out –
Nintendo’s Wii gaming console introduced sedentary gamers to the idea of moving off the couch. Now Nintendo is coming out with the Wii Fit, an add-on to the gaming system designed to appeal to women looking to lose weight.

The $90 attachment, dubbed the “Balance Board,” expands the range of
games that can be played on the Wii to include activities such as yoga
and push-ups. The Balance Board — which resembles bathroom scales —
also tracks a user’s weight and body-mass index.

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Every doggy into the pool for fitness, fun

Doggy aquatic aerobics is the ‘cool’ new trend.


Every doggy into the pool for fitness, fun –
Pooch parents are adding a splash of variety to their dogs’ exercise routines.

Swimming pools for canines are drawing in high-energy pets that relish change-of-pace workouts, as well as older, overweight, injured or post-surgery dogs that benefit from non-weight-bearing exercise to fight flab or build muscle strength, range of motion and flexibility.

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Nike, Coke ring in the New Year with call to fitness ads

Coca-Cola is announcing today a two-year deal beginning Tuesday with cable
on-demand fitness network ExerciseTV that will place Coke’s Enviga green tea and
brand images on some of the channel’s 200 workout shows and create original
Enviga programming.

Nike, meanwhile, returns as a title sponsor for MTV’s
New Year’s celebration and will kick off a TV and billboard fitness campaign
around its “No Excuses” theme. Throughout MTV’s Tila Tequila’s New Year’s Eve
Masquerade 2008, Nike will air a 60-second ad with U.S. Paralympics basketball
player Matt Scott, who sits in an empty gym bouncing two basketballs while
rattling off excuses people use to duck workouts. A giant Nike billboard going
up Monday in Manhattan will spew motivational messages throughout the month. The
first: “Yesterday you said tomorrow.”


Nike, Coke ring in the New Year with call to fitness ads –
NEW YORK — Getting in shape is the perennial New Year’s resolution that brings a surge in ads for Weight Watchers, gym memberships and fad diets. Joining them in ringing in the new year with a call to fitness will be Nike and Coke.

Friday, Coca-Cola (KO) will announce a two-year deal beginning Tuesday with cable on-demand fitness network ExerciseTV. A deal for undisclosed terms will place Coke’s Enviga green tea and brand images on some of the channel’s 200 workout shows and create original Enviga programming. Enviga claims to help burn calories by speeding up metabolism with green tea extracts and caffeine. Three daily servings can increase calories burned by 60 to 100, the company says.

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The New Advertising Outlet: Your Life

But many large marketers are taking huge chunks of money out of
their budgets for traditional media and using the funds to develop new,
more direct interactions with consumers — not only on the Internet, but
also through in-person events. Adventurous companies like Nike
have been experimenting with these alternatives since the 1990s. But
now, even the most conventional marketers are making these alternatives
a permanent — and ever bigger — part of their advertising budgets.


The New Advertising Outlet: Your Life – New York Times
STEVE SAENZ used to run a 10K race in 36 minutes. But last spring — 20 years, 2 children and 50 pounds later — he found himself seriously out of shape. A new Web site from Nike, he says, has brought him back on track.

Since April, Mr. Saenz, 53, has been running with a Nike+, a small sensor in his running shoes that tracks his progress on an Apple iPod he carries. After each run near his home in Louisville, Ky., he docks the iPod
into his computer and posts details of his run on the Nike+ Web site.
There, he has made friends with other runners around the world who post
running routes, meet up in the real world and encourage one another on
the site.

Nike’s famous swoosh is there all along. For Nike, this is advertising.

a very different way to connect with consumers,” says Trevor Edwards,
Nike’s corporate vice president for global brand and category
management. “People are coming into it on average three times a week.
So we’re not having to go to them.”

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Fit Consumers Are Smarter Consumers With Fat Wallets

A new study suggest the fittest are ambivalent about advertising. More than other consumers, they say they dislike advertising and
view it as a waste of their time–and claim that they don’t base buying
decisions on it. Yet, they’re more likely to remember advertised products when
they’re shopping and to value the informational function of ads.


MediaPost Publications – Fit Consumers Are Smarter Consumers With Fat Wallets – 08/30/2007
TURNS OUT BEN FRANKLIN REALLY had something there with that “healthy, wealthy, wise” stuff.

Exceptionally fit people have exceptionally high household incomes, and are also exceptionally savvy about spending all that dough, according to a new study profiling these health-conscious types.

Fit consumers–defined as those who exercise
at least three times per week and also participate in at least one
sport “every chance they get”–are 50 million strong, and wield an
“astronomical” aggregate household income of $2.2 trillion, reports
Packaged Facts, a division of

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Tweens, Parents Have Similar Attitudes About Healthy Lifestyles

With all the head butting that goes on between kids and their parents, it seems that there is something that they do agree on – healthy lifestyles. The meaning of healthy lifestyles is similar to both groups who expressed the concept with healthful food choices and physical activity.

MediaPost Publications – Tweens, Parents Have Similar Attitudes About Healthy Lifestyles – 08/24/2007

TWEENS AND PARENTS MAY DISAGREE about almost everything else, but they’re not all that far apart when it comes to their thinking in regard to healthy lifestyle choices for kids, judging from the results of a new study done by BuzzBack Market Research for Disney Consumer Products.

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Canadian gym puts Wii workout on its schedule

First  Dance Dance Revolution was integrated into grade school gym classes. Now – the adult version… Gyms in Canada have begun to offer adults new interactive ways to work out – the Wii Workout Station.

Canadian gym puts Wii workout on its schedule | Technology | Reuters

A Canadian health club is offering a new form of exercise for people bored with the treadmill or cycling classes — the Wii Workout Station.

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About the folks who join health clubs

A recent Arbitron study reveals that 61 percent of
health club members have a household income of at least $100,000
annually, and 21 percent have household incomes greater than $200,000.


Media Life Magazine – About the folks who join health clubs
It’s a fair presumption on the part of media people that the people found sweating it out at health clubs are a desirable demographic. People who take the time to stay in shape presumably have a lot of other things going for them as well, good jobs, nice homes and a taste for the better things.

Those are fair assumptions, it turns out.

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Gyms reach out to an older crowd

As more of America’s baby boomers start entering their 60s, even
startup gyms are homing in on the mature market.

The business potential
is huge — and expanding. The U.S. health club industry pulls in about $16
billion in annual revenue. Club 50, a fitness chain for the over-40 crowd,
points out that seniors control more than 70% of the country’s disposable


Gyms reach out to an older crowd – 06/21/2007 –
It’s 10 a.m., and funky country music is pulsing through the studio, punctuated by a teacher shouting directions in that peppy gym-instructor voice.

But don’t call this class of 30 who are working out ”senior citizens.” At Shula’s Athletic Club in Miami Lakes, they prefer the term “active adults.”

When it comes to designing a gym, it’s not all about attracting the
hard bodies anymore. For today’s senior fitness aficionado, there’s
more out there than water aerobics — which Shula’s does offer, but
that’s alongside several other classes for its ”SilverSneakers” crowd.

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