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Everyone’s a Critic

Web sites now speak directly to consumers about
fragrances, and industry leaders are not amused.


Everyone’s a Critic – New York Times
IN the realm of perfume, one man’s pudding is the next man’s tar. That the reaction to a fragrance can be visceral, and personal, is not news to Luca Turin, who over the years has inhaled and critiqued hundreds of scents. In assessing them, Mr. Turin, a scientist and fragrance expert, makes no attempt to hide his partisanship.

He describes Attrape-Coeurs, an amber violet perfume from Guerlain, as
“an intense radiant Wurlitzer organ blast of rose violet and iris
notes,” but paints a bleaker picture of Creed’s Love in White: “If this
were a shampoo offered with your first shower after sleeping rough for
two months in Nouakchott, you’d opt to keep the lice.”


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P&G Extends Febreze To Pets

Febreze will launch a new SKU specifically for pet odors.


MediaPost Publications – P&G Extends Febreze To Pets – 03/31/2008
PROCTER & GAMBLE IS LAUNCHING a SKU of its Febreze brand for pets. The Cincinnati CPG giant will launch Febreze Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator via a partnership with pet sites and

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Home Fragrances: Febreze Boosts Sweet Smell of Success

Packaged Facts, which estimates the category’s compound annual growth between
2003 and 2007 at 6.9%, forecasts 3% annual growth over the next five years, for
total sales of $6 billion by 2012. Whereas candles once dominated the category,
home air fresheners have driven the growth over the past several years.


MediaPost Publications – Home Fragrances: Febreze Boosts Sweet Smell of Success – 03/26/2008
UNIT GROWTH IN THE HOME fragrances market is sluggish, but diffusers and other higher-priced offerings–notably, Procter & Gamble’s relatively new Febreze products–helped push total sales in the sector up 3% to $5.1 billion, last year, according to a new Packaged Facts report, “Home Fragrance Products in the U.S.”

PF, which estimates the category’s compound annual growth between 2003 and 2007 at 6.9%, forecasts 3% annual growth over the next five years, for total sales of $6 billion by 2012.

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Coty, Playboy Agree To Develop Men’s Fragrance Line

Chicago-based research firm Mintel, which released a study on men’s fragrances,
says the market will grow in the U.S., tracking a 4.4% increase in the number of
males between 2002 and 2007, and a projected 9.1% increase in the number of men
in the U.S. between 2002 and 2012. “Manufacturers will likely attempt to appeal
to men’s masculinity with their fragrance marketing, much like Elizabeth Arden
has with Daytona 500,” says the firm.


MediaPost Publications – Coty, Playboy Agree To Develop Men’s Fragrance Line – 03/03/2008
COTY INC., NEW YORK-BASED LEADER of the global fragrance business, has inked a deal to develop a men’s fragrance line under the Playboy brand name for worldwide distribution.

Coty CEO Bernd Beetz said that the licensing agreement, which would put the Playboy fragrance under Coty’s lifestyle division, would have legs – so to speak – because of the Playboy brand’s recognition value around the world.

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The Sweet Smell of … Nothing

Cupids take note: more women are shunning wearing fragrances in favor of their own natural scent.


The Sweet Smell of … Nothing – New York Times
PERFUME has long been an aphrodisiac decanted sparingly from an iconic glass bottle. But for Leslie Ware, a fashion editor at a quarterly magazine in Huntsville, Ala., fragrance has worked its magic in the opposite direction, as a romantic deal breaker.

Several years ago, Ms. Ware was engaged to a gentleman who did not
like Trish McEvoy 9, the fruity vanilla blend she had been wearing for
seven years.

“He thought I smelled like a traveling carnival, the
kind where they sell corn dogs, because I guess the smell was
reminiscent of cotton candy,” Ms. Ware, 28, said. “This was the demise
of Trish No. 9.”

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Valentine’s Day gifts must be politically correct these days

Many retailers are getting on board with trends towards environmentally conscious, eco-friendly, fair trade and fair labor this Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day gifts must be politically correct these days –
There was a time when it was politically correct to hand your loved one a valentine, a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers and, perhaps, a bottle of perfume on Valentine’s Day.

That time may be gone.

To be PC this year, the valentine needs to be paperless, the chocolates should be organic, the flowers must be Fair Trade-certified and the perfume — better check that it was made without animal experiments.

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Scrooge, Cupid Hook Up As Recession Bites Romance

Only 61% of men plan to buy a card, for example, compared with 69% last year,
and only 40% will buy candy, compared with 44% last year. Flowers and
perfume–also V-Day standbys–both came in flat, at 49% and 6%, respectively. A
few smaller categories registered slight gains, including fine jewelry (12%,
compared with 10% from last year), lingerie (8%, compared to 6% from last year),
and clothing, up to 7% from 5% last year.


MediaPost Publications – Scrooge, Cupid Hook Up As Recession Bites Romance – 02/11/2008
A NEW SURVEY SHOWS THAT while many retailers are hoping Valentine’s Day might provide a much-needed sales spark, consumer spending may well be more frugal than passionate.

While men say they are planning to spend a little more than last year —$95 compared to $92 in 2007–women are cutting back, and say they intend to plan to spend just $67, compared with $74 last year, reports TNS Retail Forward, a consulting group in Columbus, Ohio.

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NPD Reports Men’s Fragrance Sells Best for Valentine’s Day

Men’s fragrance does best sales-wise, for Valentine’s Day, according to The NPD Group.


NPD Reports Men’s Fragrance Sells Best for Valentine’s Day
PORT WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, February 6, 2008 – It’s no surprise that fragrance is a popular Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s who’s giving and who’s getting that might surprise you. According to The NPD Group, in February 2007, men’s prestige fragrance sales* captured more of the dollar share for total fragrances than in previous years. Men’s fragrances for that month grew to represent 37 percent of total fragrance sales, up from 35 percent in February 2005.

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Why the Perfume Business Is Beginning to Stink

More than 200 new prestige perfumes–those sold in department stores and
cosmetics shops, rather than drugstores or supermarkets–were unveiled in the
U.S. in 2006, according to NPD Group. But sales of these high-end
perfumes–which make up 60% of the overall fragrance market — have been
slowing. Total revenue is expected to grow less than 3% globally this year,
according to Euromonitor, while the overall luxury goods sector is up by about

The reason is olfactory overkill. To lure consumers, perfume brands
have mounted huge advertising and distribution campaigns, selling perfumes in
their own boutiques as well as in department stores and airport duty-free shops
world-wide. They have also kept prices low; while high-end leather bags and
sunglasses have steadily risen in price, most designer perfumes still cost less
than $100.


Why the Perfume Business Is Beginning to Stink –
PARIS — After years of gorging on celebrity scents and fashion-house fragrances, consumers are turning up their noses at designer perfumes.

“The offer is so enormous, you get lost going into a perfume shop,” says Daniela Andrier, a perfume-maker at Swiss fragrance company Givaudan SA. “It’s like eating off a plate with too much food and you lose your appetite.”

Over the past few years, exclusive fashion brands such as Prada, Gucci and Hermès have been churning out new fragrances as a way to ensnare consumers who can’t afford their $5,000 bags, but will splurge on a $100 bottle of “eau de toilette.” Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion have also unveiled eponymous fragrance lines.

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Where E-Commerce Meets Chat, Social Retailing Gains Traction

Big companies are targeting sites that let users recommend products. Does this blur the line between ads and content?


Where E-Commerce Meets Chat, Social Retailing Gains Traction –
As more consumers turn to “social-shopping” sites, advertisers from Nike to American Express are targeting them with new holiday ad campaigns.

Sites such as Kaboodle, and ThisNext are a blend of social networking and e-commerce. They offer product recommendations — some from the staff of the sites, some from random users — and let shoppers create wish lists, comment on items and prices, post photos and make purchases. Marketing executives say the sites are attractive because visitors tend to be focused on shopping rather than just browsing.

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