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Hispanics Up Ante on Consumer Electronics Spend

Hispanics Up Ante on Consumer Electronics Spend – MarketingVOX

US Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to buy consumer electronics in the next year, according to (pdf) the Customer Focus Opiniones study from Vertis Communications.


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Black women embrace tech gadgets

Black women embrace tech gadgets

Five times as many black women — 36%– use cell phones for three or more hours a day compared to other women, according to research by Time Inc.’s Essence magazine. Black women also spend more extended time using iPods, computers, high-definition TVs and DVD players. The findings defy an image of technology consumers focused on young men, says Carmen Bryant, director of consumer research for the magazine.

Black women use technology to gain control over their lives, but also see it as a way to express style and personality, Bryant says.

The survey found 42% of black women report spending $100 to $499 or more on cell phones compared to 26% of other women. Black women also embrace new mobile technology, with 21% of them using cell phone Web browsers to make purchases compared to 8% of other women.

Bryant says it’s important for electronics marketers to recognize these women as influential consumers. “They tend to be the primary decision makers in households, in part because two thirds of African-American households are led by women,” she says.

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Keeping Pace: The Evolution of Marketing and Branding

The 2.0 world is evolving rapidly, creating new promotions and
marketing opportunities such as RSS feeds, podcasting, blogging,
talking avatars and widgets everywhere.


Keeping Pace: The Evolution of Marketing and Branding
In the digital space, the world of marketing and branding is constantly changing. New technology developments are prompting companies to take a fresh look at the ways they reach and interact with their vendors and customers.

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Coming Soon to a Phone Near You

Cellphones are about to get a lot smarter. This article points out some highlights and what to expect in the months ahead. What won’t you be able to do from a cellphone in a few years?!


Coming Soon to a Phone Near You –
Your mobile phone is about to get a lot cooler.

How cool? In the coming months, you’ll be able to dictate text messages and surf the Web just by speaking commands — no tapping or clicking required. If you’re trying to figure out where to go to lunch, you’ll be able to call up a map marked with local eateries your friends and family recommend. And you’ll be able to film movie clips on your cellphone and send them live to somebody else’s gadget.

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Forget Tupperware, modern women hold Taser parties

Taser is using word-of-mouth and at-home parties as its latest venue for sales. Similar to Tupperware and purse parties, Taser parties can include trying out the product, testimonials and even games.


Forget Tupperware, modern women hold Taser parties – 01/08/2008 –
GILBERT, Ariz. —
Before she lets them shoot her little pink stun gun, Dana Shafman ushers her new friends to the living room sofa for a serious chat about the fears she believes they all share.

”The worst nightmare for me is, while I’m sleeping, someone coming in my home,” Shafman says, drawing a few solemn nods from the women. Shafman, 34, of Phoenix, says she knows how they feel. She says she used to stash knives under her pillow for protection.

Welcome, she says, to the Taser party.

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Kiddies’ Wired Wish Lists

Forget dolls and toy trains; The younger set wants high-tech gadgets.


Kiddies’ Wired Wish Lists –
For the toy industry, the recent spate of recall-related headlines isn’t the only thing to fear this holiday season. A more fundamental concern is the iPhone on six-year-old Hilary Roberts’s wish list.

“She’s not after a doll,” says her father, Scott Roberts, an Internet executive from San Francisco. “There’s not one traditional gift she’s asking for this year. She’s asking: ‘Can I have an iPhone?'”

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All I Want for Christmas Is a Compost Bin

Eco-friendly retailers are touting ‘Green’ holiday presents, carbon-offset gift certificates and other environmentally friendly gifts. While it’s difficult to track the sales of all so-called green or eco-friendly goods, demand for more energy-efficient appliances has grown recently, as have purchases of organic products.


All I Want for Christmas Is a Compost Bin –
Are soy candles and spinning composters on your holiday list this year? A bevy of so-called green retailers are hoping so.

With so much public attention on climate change and sky-high oil prices, these retailers are pitching energy-saving or recycled items that haven’t traditionally been on most people’s wish lists — a low-energy desk lamp, for example. And while many retailers have boasted luxury wrapping in past years, companies are this year proffering natural and biodegradable packaging — or none at all.

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Where E-Commerce Meets Chat, Social Retailing Gains Traction

Big companies are targeting sites that let users recommend products. Does this blur the line between ads and content?


Where E-Commerce Meets Chat, Social Retailing Gains Traction –
As more consumers turn to “social-shopping” sites, advertisers from Nike to American Express are targeting them with new holiday ad campaigns.

Sites such as Kaboodle, and ThisNext are a blend of social networking and e-commerce. They offer product recommendations — some from the staff of the sites, some from random users — and let shoppers create wish lists, comment on items and prices, post photos and make purchases. Marketing executives say the sites are attractive because visitors tend to be focused on shopping rather than just browsing.

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Boost Mobile Introduces Its Thinnest Walkie-Talkie Phone Ever

Boost Mobile has released a sleek new phone to add to its collection of walkie talkie phones. Boost’s phones are targeted at today’s style-conscience youth along with their pay-as-you-go service.

Boost Mobile Introduces Its Thinnest Walkie-Talkie Phone Ever

RVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Boost Mobile®, a lifestyle-based telecommunications brand and wholly-owned division of Sprint (NYSE:S) has added the Boost-branded Motorola i425t and i425e handsets – the slimmest iDEN network Walkie-Talkie phones ever – to its cell phone offering. Available now exclusively from Boost, both cell phones feature a sleek, lightweight candy-bar design that is less than 1/2″ thick and weighs a mere 3.88 oz.

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At Starbucks, Songs of Instant Gratification

New technology that allows coffee patrons to download the music playing
in Starbucks stores to their iPhones is just the beginning of a wave of
options for impulse purchases.

With this new technology bringing music as an impulse purchase to the coffee-drinking masses, what kinds of other technology-based impulse purchases are on the horizon? What brands would benefit from having this as an option?


At Starbucks, Songs of Instant Gratification – New York Times
Like that song you hear playing at Starbucks, but just cannot wait until you get to a computer to download the song?

Starting tomorrow at certain Starbucks stores, a person with an iPhone
or iTunes software loaded onto a laptop can download the songs they
hear over the speakers directly onto those devices. The price will be
99 cents a song, a small price, Starbucks says, to satisfy an immediate

“For the customer it’s an instant gratification,” said Ken
Lombard, president of Starbucks Entertainment. “You’ll hear the song,
be able to identify what it is and download to the device.”

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