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Study: ‘Green Evangelists’ Are Spreading Eco-Friendly Message

Study: ‘Green Evangelists’ Are Spreading Eco-Friendly Message

For its Green AMPlified study, AMP surveyed 3,200 consumers ages 18-49 to capture opinions, beliefs and perceptions of people’s relationships with the “green movement.” Nineteen percent of respondents were defined as “Influentials” or “Green Evangelists”—those who, after learning that a company is environmentally friendly, are very likely to recommend the company and/or its products to others. Green Evangelists tend to be in the 18- to 30-year-old age range and 57% are female, the study found.


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Millennials Prefer Social Networking to Internet Porn

Millennials Prefer Social Networking to Internet Porn – MarketingVOX

Social networking sites are increasingly eclipsing pornography consumption over the ‘net — and underscoring a shift in how people communicate, according to Reuters, drawing from the research of author and GM Bill Tancer of global research at Hitwise.

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Gen X, Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently

Gen X, Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently – MarketingVOX

Though both Generation X and Generation Y moms view the internet as a must-have tool for finding child-rearing information, there is a significant generational difference in their online behaviors and preferences, according to a study from The Parenting Group and NewMediaMetrics.

Gen Y moms are much more attached to media that connects them to other moms online – such as internet communities, blogs and video-sharing sites – suggesting they prefer to rely on peers rather than experts to help them parent, according to the study.

In contrast, Gen X moms are less attached to digital media as a whole. They are more likely to engage in task-oriented activities such as shopping online and uploading photos

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Banks Have Opportunity In Diehard Home Owner Wannabes

MediaPost Publications – Banks Have Opportunity In Diehard Home Owner Wannabes – 09/15/2008

According to Mintel, Echo Boomers (those agea 13-30), African-American and Hispanic consumers plan to buy a house within the next five years. While only 23% of the general population intends to buy a house in that time frame, 38% of adults 18-24 and 39% of adults 25-34 said they will. Across all age groups, 42% of Asians, 37% of African-Americans and 30% of Hispanics say they will buy a home in the next five years, compared with 20% of whites.

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Study: Boomers, Not Gen Y, Biggest Green Shoppers

Older Demos Use Green Products Most Often – MarketingVOX

While conventional marketing wisdom holds that it’s those idealistic Gen Y shoppers who are the most committed to buying products that are less harmful to the environment, a new study finds that, actually, Baby Boomers are the greenest generation.

Both male and female groups 55 years and older are above-average users of environmentally friendly home goods in the U.S., according to the new study from ICOM Information & Communications.

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Widely-Held Attitudes about Various Generations Studied

Widely-Held Attitudes about Various Generations Studied – MarketingVOX

Generation Y is the most self-indulgent, Generation X is the most innovative, and Boomers are the most productive, while the “Silent Generation” and the “Greatest Generation” are the most admired, according to a recent survey by Harris Interactive, writes MarketingCharts.

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Spendy Co-Eds: Digitally-Engaged, Socially Responsible

Spendy Co-Eds: Digitally-Engaged, Socially Responsible – MarketingVOX

A record-level 13.6 million college students (age 18-30) will soon
arrive on campus and account for a record $237 billion in spending this
year — up 20 percent from ’07, according to Alloy Media + Marketing’s 8th annual College Explorer study, powered by Harris Interactive

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Gen Y’s Favorite Brands

Gen Y’s Fave: Whole Foods

Hipsters may not have enough money to put food in their fridge, yet many are willing to pony up the extra cash for eco-friendly brands like Method. This was one of the takeaways from a recent survey conducted by Outlaw Consulting, San Francisco. The marketing firm polled 100 Gen Y consumers (ages 21-29) from among its panel of trendsetters living in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco. The goal was to gauge what brands influencers perceive as being environmentally friendly.

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Teens’ Online Behavior

Ypulse Research » Blog Archive » Teen Topix Teens & Internet, Spring 2008 | OTX and Intelligence Group

New Research from OTX and Intelligence Group Looks at Teens’ Online Behavior.

Teens Online Buy Stuff, Prefer Reality Over Virtual Sometimes, And Have Concerns

New research from OTX and The Intelligence Group studies teens’ online behavior, finding that teens are spending an average of 11.5 hours per week online, doing everything from instant messaging and visiting social networking sites to shopping and listening to music, but dispels myths that this group wants to do everything online. The study did find that 24% of teens are spending more than 15 hours a week online.

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Forrester Technographics Benchmark Survey: Gen Y a Generation Apart

Forrester Technographics Benchmark Survey: Gen Y a Generation Apart – MarketingVOX

Although Gen Y (those 18-28 years old) is a small generation, comprising just 38 million US adults, they set the pace for technology adoption – 9 in 10 own a PC and 82 percent own a mobile phone – according to Forrester Research’s 2008 North American Technographics Benchmark survey, MarketingCharts reports.

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