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Number of ‘Cyberchondriacs’ — Online Health Info Seekers — Levels Off

Number of ‘Cyberchondriacs’ — Online Health Info Seekers — Levels Off – MarketingVOX

Some 150 million people have gone online to obtain healthcare
information – 66 percent of all adults, and 81 percent of those who are
online – but that 2008 number is down from 2007’s 160 million, according to an annual Harris Poll of people whom Harris labels “cyberchondriacs,” MarketingCharts writes.


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The Overflowing American Dinner Plate

Metrics – The Overflowing American Dinner Plate –

The average American’s food consumption per week has jumped from 16.4 pounds in 1970 to 18.2 pounds in 2006. Americans also consume an additional extra quarter pound of fat every week over 1970, and dairy consumption has dropped.

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Study: Two-thirds of Consumers Reading Labels More Often

Study: Two-thirds of Consumers Reading Labels More Often

A survey released today by the Nielsen Co. found that 65% of
American consumers say they notice information on food packaging
more often compared to only two years ago.

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. consumer claim to mostly understand
what they are reading compared to 44% globally. That leaves a third
of the U.S. and more than half the world wondering exactly what
Sodium Benzoate and other ingredients and metrics actually

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Study: Skinny Women Better for Bottom Line

Study: Skinny Women Better for Bottom Line – Advertising Age – News

Women who view ads featuring thin models are likely to come away with both a positive impression of the product being marketed and negative feelings about themselves, according to a study of 194 college-aged women. “The really interesting result we’re seeing across multiple studies is that these thin models make women feel bad, but they like it,” said a Villanova business professor.

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Consumers rank raspberries high on shopping list

Raspberries Rank High With Consumers

A recent national survey showed that U.S. consumers are growing fond of raspberries, ranking the berry second in a list of 13 fruits. More than 90% of consumers said they would buy frozen raspberries, and many survey participants have tried the fruit in juices and in juice blends.

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Health trend continues as obesity rates rise

Health trend continues as obesity rates rise

The number of Americans who are obese has increased by nearly two percent in two years and people need to cut down on high calorie foods and sugary drinks, according to a new report.

Food and beverage manufacturers are paying attention to rising obesity rates and are taking the time to introduce or reformulate health and wellness products. Kraft, for example, now has a range of products influenced by the South Beach Diet.

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Health And Wellness Category Defies Economy

While skyrocketing food and fuel prices change how consumers go about
their day, those devoted to health and wellness products continue to go about
their purchasing habits undeterred, according to a new study from the Natural
Marketing Institute.


MediaPost Publications – Health And Wellness Category Defies Economy – 07/08/2008
Skyrocketing food and fuel prices may be shaking up the way many mainstream consumers shop, but for those devoted to health and wellness products, money isn’t much of a factor, according to a new study. The Natural Marketing Institute says that retail sales within the U.S. consumer packaged goods health and wellness industry hit $102.8 billion in 2007, representing growth of 15% from 2006–and it doesn’t seen signs of a pullback next year. NMI predicts that double-digit growth of the health and wellness marketplace will continue, with projected sales of $170 billion by 2012. In natural and organic food products alone, NMI is predicting a 17% increase in sales in 2008.

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Nuts for Boomers

Frito-Lay’s new nut-based
snack line, True North, claims not only to be healthy and tasty, but
inspirational as well.


Nuts for Boomers
The snack food category is known for being several things, but inspirational?

Frito-Lay thinks it can be and is positioning its new nut-based, Boomer-targeted snack line, True North as “a truly inspired natural nut snack.”

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High Fructose Corn Syrup Mixes It Up

The Corn Refiners
Association is trying to rehabilitate the reputation of high-fructose corn
syrup with a big ad and public-relations campaign to convince consumers that
HFCS isn’t the evil it has been made out to be. The group is running full-page
ads in more than a dozen major newspapers around the country today saying its
product is no worse for you than sugar.


High Fructose Corn Syrup Mixes It Up –
The high-fructose corn-syrup business is fighting back.

In recent years, there have been a series of research papers and studies linking HFCS to the rise in obesity in the U.S. While sugar has to some degree also been blamed for America’s growing weight problems, HFCS, because it is manufactured, has come under greater criticism by consumers and some health professionals.

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NPD Finds Fewer Americans Dieting But More Eating “Better for You” Foods

NPD’s National Eating Trends®
data finds that at least once in a two-week period, over 70 percent of
Americans are consuming reduced fat foods, and over half of them are
eating reduced calorie, whole grain or fortified foods.


NPD Finds Fewer Americans Dieting But More Eating “Better for You” Foods
Rosemont, Ill., June 16, 2008 – Eating “better for you” foods rather than dieting appears to be the weapon of choice against the battle of the bulge, according to The NPD Group, a leading market research firm. NPD reports that the percentage of adults on a diet has decreased by 10 percentage points since 1990, while the percentage of Americans eating healthier has increased.

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