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Kimberly-Clark Reaches Out to Moms

Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies and Pull-Ups are the brands behind a company initiative launched this week to cull and celebrate the best of Hispanic parenting and consejos (advice).

Dubbed “De mama a mama” (“Mom to mom”), the program aims to generate parenting tips, traditions and advice from Hispanic mothers that will be shared and passed along to new and expectant Latina mothers via a book of culturally focused parenting advice.

Moms with sage advice to bestow on moms-to-be can share their road-tested tips for good parenting at and and view thoughts from fellow contributors.


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Banks Have Opportunity In Diehard Home Owner Wannabes

MediaPost Publications – Banks Have Opportunity In Diehard Home Owner Wannabes – 09/15/2008

According to Mintel, Echo Boomers (those agea 13-30), African-American and Hispanic consumers plan to buy a house within the next five years. While only 23% of the general population intends to buy a house in that time frame, 38% of adults 18-24 and 39% of adults 25-34 said they will. Across all age groups, 42% of Asians, 37% of African-Americans and 30% of Hispanics say they will buy a home in the next five years, compared with 20% of whites.

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U.S. to Grow Grayer, More Diverse

U.S. to Grow Grayer, More Diverse –

The nation’s population will look dramatically different by mid-century, becoming more racially and ethnically diverse and a good deal older as it increases from about 302 million to 439 million by 2050, according to projections released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Report: U.S. Hispanic User Base on Web Growing Faster Than Expected

Report: U.S. Hispanic User Base on Web Growing Faster Than Expected

The report forecasts that 29 million Hispanics will be online by 2012, representing nearly 60 percent of the fast growing population

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Hispanics Up Ante on Consumer Electronics Spend

Hispanics Up Ante on Consumer Electronics Spend – MarketingVOX

US Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to buy consumer electronics in the next year, according to (pdf) the Customer Focus Opiniones study from Vertis Communications.

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Packaged Facts Finds Kids Take Lead On Green Purchases

MediaPost Publications – Packaged Facts Finds Kids Take Lead On Green Purchases
Half of 6- to-8-year-olds encourage their parents to buy green products–with Hispanic children leading other demographics by a wide
margin. The Hispanic kids’ environmentalism, in turn, may be the reason why the Pacific region–with its large Hispanic population–leads all other areas in numbers of kids pushing their parent to go green.

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Corona Expands Outreach To Full Latino Audience

With the total Hispanic population continuing to grow and diversify, and
with our distribution expansion to the East Coast, it was important to ensure
that our message resonate with non-Mexican Hispanics, as well,” says Crown
Imports’ Guillermo Gutierrez. The new strategy will continue through 2009.


MediaPost Publications – Corona Expands Outreach To Full Latino Audience – 06/25/2008
A new ad campaign from Corona Extra aims to leverage and expand the brand’s bond with the entire U.S. Latino community.

Previous Hispanic ad efforts by Corona have focused on using the brand’s Mexican heritage to create an emotional link with Mexican-Americans. Now, the brand is seeking to convey that “Corona is not only a brand that represents Mexicans, but an iconic brand that symbolizes all Latinos’ success,” in the words of Guillermo Gutierrez, director of Hispanic marketing for Crown Imports, Corona’s U.S. importer.

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Hispanic-Americans Are Heaviest Media Users

Every day, more than half (56%)
of Hispanic-Americans surveyed said they spent at least an hour online,
which was slightly more than the 50% who spent an hour or more watching


Hispanic-Americans Are Heaviest Media Users – eMarketer
In February 2008 the average Hispanic-American over the age of 11 spent more time online than watching television, according to the Terra Networks-sponsored “Hispanic Syndicated Study,” conducted by comScore Media Metrix.

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Cerveza Tecate Boosts Presence In Boxing Arena

With the booming interest in the fight game
among Hispanic consumers, and with the first Mexican-American-run fight
promotion company founded by a star who transcends the sport, at least
one brand–Cerveza Tecate, imported by Heineken USA–is boosting its
presence in boxing.


MediaPost Publications – Cerveza Tecate Boosts Presence In Boxing Arena – 04/29/2008
Boxing ain’t baseball. Budweiser and Everlast notwithstanding, brands have generally been wary about associating with a sport with poor reputation among the general market, and questionable promotional value because of bad fights and meaningless titles.

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Telecom Pushing Harder Than Ever Within Hispanic Market

By 2012, U.S. ethnic communities will represent $84 billion, or 35% of all
residential telecommunications expenditures-and Hispanics, who now make up 14.8%
of the population, will spend the most, according to the latest study from The
Insight Research Corporation.


MediaPost Publications – Telecom Pushing Harder Than Ever Within Hispanic Market – 04/09/2008
MAJOR TELCOS AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS carriers have been all over the Hispanic market for at least a decade, and their marketing efforts are expanding and intensifying as they jostle for market share within the new environment of triple- or quadruple-play services.

There’s no mystery as to the reasons: Hispanics–the fastest-growing population segment–represented $863 billion or 8.6% of total U.S. consumer buying power last year, and their buying power will hit $1.2 trillion by 2012, reports the Selig Center for Economic Growth.

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