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DIY Enthusiasm Dims As More Women Say ‘Do It For Me!’

MediaPost Publications – DIY Enthusiasm Dims As More Women Say ‘Do It For Me!’ – 07/31/2008

Vertis Communications’ Scott Marden thinks there are actually plenty of opportunities for home-improvement stores. Its research found, in fact, that these stores are still shoppers’ favorite starting point, with 57% turning to large home improvement stores first for home-improvement needs.


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Fewer homeowners plan renovation projects

With the economy being top of mind for most consumers, areas such as home improvement are areas that are just going to have to wait until things improve.


Fewer homeowners plan renovation projects –
As more people struggle to pay their mortgage and fewer take out home-equity loans, many homeowners have cut back their spending on remodeling kitchens, replacing windows and other improvement projects.

Two out of three homeowners who had planned an improvement project this
year said they would wait until the market stabilizes, and about 11%
said they were abandoning the idea of a project this year, according to
an e-mail survey with 2,100 responses from homeowners in 11 metro areas.

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Wedded to Work, and in Dire Need of a Wife

A very interesting and provocative article in today’s New York Times got us talking this morning…

A recent study suggests that marriage, at least marriage with children, bolsters a man’s career but hinders a woman’s. With two-income families now the norm, and both men and women working long hours, the question has become how to accomplish what used to be a wife’s job (according to those old fashioned 50’s-esque housewife standards of household management and entertaining) have been relaxed. Many men now share the work and chores with their wives – sometimes as single parents – but women still generally shoulder a greater burden of household business. A survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says one in five men engages in some kind of housework on an average day, while more than half of women do.



Wedded to Work, and in Dire Need of a Wife – New York Times
Now that women have solidly earned their place in the work force, many find themselves still yearning for something men often have: wives.

“The thing I most want in life is a wife. I’m not kidding,” said Joyce Lustbader, a research scientist at Columbia University, who has been married for 29 years. “I work all day, sometimes seven days a week, and still have to go home and make dinner and have all those things to do around the house.”

It is not just the extra shift at home that is a common complaint. Working women, whether married or single, also see their lack of devoted spousal support as an impediment to getting ahead in their careers, especially when they are competing against men who have wives behind them, whether those wives are working or staying at home. And research supports their argument: it appears that marriage, at least marriage with children, bolsters a man’s career but hinders a woman’s.

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Study Finds Holiday Decorating Boosts Consumers’ Moods

Just think about it – humming to yourself, getting excited about all the friends and family that will be arriving soon, the food and drinks that will be shared…
A recent study finds that putting up decorations is an uplifting activity, a low cost alternative to  anti-depressants – however I must say from experience that the climb up that 50 foot ladder to get the lights down is not nearly as much fun.

Study Finds Holiday Decorating Boosts Consumers’ Moods – 05/29/2007

WONDERING WHY ALL THAT MEMORIAL Day bunting cheered you up over the weekend? Retailers know–a new study from Unity Marketing says that, for many Americans, seasonal decorations are a kind of budget Prozac.

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MasterCard, Home Depot Team For $100K Sweepstakes

If you happen to be at Home Depot over the next month, make sure you use your MaterCard because you will be automatically entered to win $100,000 with no restrictions. While the theme of the sweeps is a backyard retreat, you are not required to spend it on patio furniture and plants – that’s good for those of us who still move every year. And – don’t forget you get a double entries if you use your Home Depot Rewards MasterCard.

MasterCard, Home Depot Team For $100K Sweepstakes – 05/25/2007

MASTERCARD AND HOME DEPOT HAVE partnered for another national cross-promotional effort called “$100,000 Backyard Retreat Sweepstakes.”

MasterCard cardholders in the U.S. are automatically entered when they use their cards at Home Depot between April 23 and June 23, and the winner will receive a $100,000 cash prize with no restrictions on how the money is spent.

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Laid-Back Labor

How did the repetitive household tasks our parents and grandparents tried to avoid become midlife leisure activities?

Freakonomics – Baby Boomers – Aging – Middle Age – Economics – New York Times
During the late 19th century, piano manufacturing was one of New York City’s largest industries. Every right-minded American family, it seemed, wanted to fill its home with music. The advent of the player piano — a music-making machine that required zero talent — drove the boom even further. By the 1920s, some 300,000 pianos were being sold in the United States each year, roughly two-thirds of them player pianos.

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Home Depot launches new Hispanic Ad campaign “My Favorite Corner”

Home Depot is launching a new ad campaign in an attempt to form an emotional connection between Hispanic consumers and the store. The ads will show how Hispanic consumers can utilize the Home Depot to connect with their roots.


Home Depot launches new Hispanic Ad campaign “My Favorite Corner”

After years of spotlighting its expert associates and the in-store experience, The Home Depot is turning around its advertising lens to focus on consumers and their amazing home improvement stories. Focusing on the unique Latino experience, the home improvement retailer unveiled its Hispanic customer-centric branding campaign on March 26, with the ad “My Favorite Corner”.

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This Year’s Garden Trends: It’s About Eco-Chic

Eco-friendly gardens seems a bit redundant, but Americans are seeking out ways to have more environmentally gardens.  Finding more earth-friendly ways to repel deer and insects, decrease chemically dependent landscaping and blur the line between indoor and outdoor living with potted plants is something we’re going to see more of.


MediaPost Publications – This Year’s Garden Trends: It’s About Eco-Chic – 03/19/2007

IT’S OFFICIALLY MUD SEASON, WHICH can only mean that lawn-and-garden planning time has arrived. This year, gardening experts say, environmental concerns about everything from rising gasoline prices to global warming will shape Americans’ garden purchases.

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Marketers Focus On Garage As Next Organizational Frontier

The garage is like the final frontier when it comes to organization for many Americans. A recent trend is marketers rushing to capitalize on the final frontier of clutter by coming up with ways to help organize the mess.

After all, these days, everything is neatly organized in PDA’s anyway.


MediaPost Publications – Marketers Focus On Garage As Next Organizational Frontier – 03/19/2007
NOW THAT YOUR PDA CAN handle all your email and your closet system can accommodate four seasons of clutter, marketers are zeroing in on that eyesore of a garage as the next logical front in the organizing campaign.

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Home Depot Taps the Weepy Part of Reality TV

Home Depot is taking a different approach in its advertising – tell the compelling stories of what real customers can do to help themselves – with assistance from Home Depot. So yes, keep the tissues handy because they are a bit “Extreme Home Makeover” meets the Hallmark channel.

Perhaps this new emotional approach is Home Depots way of tugging at the heartstrings of female consumers.


Home Depot Taps the Weepy Part of Reality TV – New York Times
Until now, Home Depot was not known for making consumers cry, unless they were perhaps shareholders contemplating the lucrative pay package bestowed upon the former chief executive, Robert L. Nardelli.

That may change beginning today, as Home Depot, hoping to undo some of the damage inflicted on its corporate image, introduces a campaign unusual for its frankly emotional appeal.

The online, television and print ads are less like advertising for a
retail chain and more like a cross between episodes of the reality TV
series “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and commercials for Hallmark

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