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Teens’ Online Behavior

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New Research from OTX and Intelligence Group Looks at Teens’ Online Behavior.

Teens Online Buy Stuff, Prefer Reality Over Virtual Sometimes, And Have Concerns

New research from OTX and The Intelligence Group studies teens’ online behavior, finding that teens are spending an average of 11.5 hours per week online, doing everything from instant messaging and visiting social networking sites to shopping and listening to music, but dispels myths that this group wants to do everything online. The study did find that 24% of teens are spending more than 15 hours a week online.


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Office gossip has never traveled faster, ‘thanks’ to tech

It seems these days that many people in offices are IMing on a regular basis – with both office coworkers and friends outside the office. So what has transpired from all this instantaneous communication? The fast spread of office gossip of course. The watercooler is no longer the place to gather and chat about office news – now its done while employees are working at their desks. However, be forewarned that when its over IM – it is stored electronically.

Office gossip has never traveled faster, ‘thanks’ to tech –

Office gossip, though rarely talked about or researched, has taken on new dimensions in this high-tech age, becoming a dynamic force that can build camaraderie but can also destroy work relationships or careers.

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