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Consumers Stick to One Medium at Home

MRI: Consumers Stick to One Medium at Home

According to Mediamark Research & Intelligence data, more than half of people’s time spent consuming media at home is often done exclusively with one medium.

Among all adults, 55 percent of their at-home newspaper reading occurs without involvement with other media. With magazine reading, 53.6 percent is exclusive. For the Internet, the figure is 53.8 percent, and for TV and radio, the percentages are 49.4 and 28.3, respectively.


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Gen X, Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently

Gen X, Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently – MarketingVOX

Though both Generation X and Generation Y moms view the internet as a must-have tool for finding child-rearing information, there is a significant generational difference in their online behaviors and preferences, according to a study from The Parenting Group and NewMediaMetrics.

Gen Y moms are much more attached to media that connects them to other moms online – such as internet communities, blogs and video-sharing sites – suggesting they prefer to rely on peers rather than experts to help them parent, according to the study.

In contrast, Gen X moms are less attached to digital media as a whole. They are more likely to engage in task-oriented activities such as shopping online and uploading photos

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Pew: TV still leading news source

The Associated Press: TV remains top source of news even as online grows

A survey of the news consumption habits of Americans by the Pew Research Center found that 46% of those surveyed have a “heavy reliance” on TV news. About 13% of those surveyed claimed a similar reliance on online news. The report breaks down media preference by income, median age and education level. According to the report, about a third of the under-25 crowd reads or views no news on an ordinary day, up from 25% a decade ago.

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Up To Age 11, Most Kids Aren’t Heavy Internet Users

MediaPost Publications – Up To Age 11, Most Kids Aren’t Heavy Internet Users – 08/12/2008

Relatively few kids are heavy Net users. Furthermore, most are still into TV, books and “old fashioned” toys, as
well as tech-oriented entertainment, according to a new Packaged Facts report, “The Kids and Tweens Market in the U.S.”

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Tweens Favor the ‘Net, Need Search to Shop

Tweens Favor the ‘Net, Need Search to Shop – MarketingVOX

The vast majority (83 percent) of tweens (age 10-14) spend at least an hour online per day, compared with 68 percent reporting they watch an hour of TV per day, according to an ROI research study commissioned by DoubleClick Performics

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Number of ‘Cyberchondriacs’ — Online Health Info Seekers — Levels Off

Number of ‘Cyberchondriacs’ — Online Health Info Seekers — Levels Off – MarketingVOX

Some 150 million people have gone online to obtain healthcare
information – 66 percent of all adults, and 81 percent of those who are
online – but that 2008 number is down from 2007’s 160 million, according to an annual Harris Poll of people whom Harris labels “cyberchondriacs,” MarketingCharts writes.

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Survey: Online Coupon Usage Up 39% Since 2005

MediaPost Publications – Survey: Online Coupon Usage Up 39% Since 2005 – 07/31/2008

The number of American adults using online coupons rose by 39%, to 36 million, between 2005 and 2008, according to a new survey conducted by Simmons/Experian Research and Coupons, Inc. Online users account for nearly one-quarter (24%) of the total 148 million consumers who use coupons, compared to 22% market penetration as of last year.

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The Coupon’s New Life Online

Consumed – Silicon Clips – The Coupon’s New Life Online –

Coupon redemption has been falling steadily for more than a decade — until, it turns out, relatively recently. Of course, it’s the sluggish economy that’s inspiring this return to thriftiness — along with a newer digital iteration of coupon culture.

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Luxury Shoppers Migrate Toward The Web

MediaPost Publications – Luxury Shoppers Migrate Toward The Web – 07/21/2008

A new poll from the Luxury Institute finds that Americans with annual incomes of at least $150,000 are more likely to research luxury purchases on the Web.

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Web Advertising to Grow Despite Economy

(Direct Newsline)—Internet advertising in the U.S. will continue to grow fast even as the current economic woes will lead to a contraction in advertising spending overall, according to a study from market research firm IDC.

Overall Internet advertising revenue will double from $25.5 billion in 2007 to $51.1 billion in 2012, according to the report.

The Internet will go from the fifth-ranked medium to the second in five years, making it bigger than newspapers, cable TV and broadcast TV. And it will be second only to other forms of direct marketing, IDC predicted.

On the other hand, video advertising will be the principal disruptor of Internet advertising over the next five years by attracting the most new marketing dollars, according to the study.

Specifically, its revenue will grow sevenfold from $500 million in 2007 to $3.8 billion in 2012 at a compound annual growth rate of 49.4%.

This growth will take place because brand advertisers will shift significant amounts of money into these video commercials, primarily from broadcast television and to a lesser extent from cable television, predicted IDC.

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